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Crocs are UGLY but COMFY

March 16, 2009

I used to make fun of these crocs all the time. But let this be a lesson to everyone – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I got a pair of these (PINK) fuzzy crocs for Valentine’s Day and I must say that although they aren’t attractive by any standards, they are surly very comfortable. They feel like you’re walking on pillows. And most places have them on sale for around $20. What a bargain, if you ask me!


A Chocolate Tour!

February 19, 2009

Ok Ok, I know that Valentine’s Day is way over and I hope you had a great one. Here’s a sweet tour that you might actually love if you love chocolate like me. Sweet Walks in NYC gives tours of places that sell the finest and most amazing chocolate is definitely on my list to check out in NY before I leave. Check out the full blog post on TMI Weekly!


Top 10 Things to NOT do on Valentine’s Day…

February 2, 2009

I wrote a post with Bill Cammack on Top 10 things to NOT do on Valentine’s Day…..whether you hate the holiday, love it or don’t even think it should be considered a holiday, check out the post!

Here’s a preview:

6. Don’t *NOT* send her flowers at work

L: You see, there’s an unspoken game that goes on at everyone’s work on Valentine’s Day. It’s called “My boyfriend/husband loves me more than yours does.” When the flower guy comes to deliver flowers, all the women’s heads shoot up thinking, “I hope they’re for me.” Of course, if you’re the person that doesn’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day, everything thinks, “She must be in a fight” or “He must not really love her.” You want your girlfriend to feel like the most special girl every and everyone to envy her at work. Then she’ll win the game. That’s how it works. And if you can’t afford $100 flowers (because that’s how much they cost on V day) then buy some from a flower shop and have your friend (who no one in her office knows) deliver them. Throw in a cupcake and your’re golden.

B: I was going to say this one in my five. This is EXTREMELY CRITICAL. First of all, you HAVE TO send them to her job. Second, you HAVE TO send them EARLY, so her girlfriends sweat her all day while she feels comfortable and loved and NOT ANXIOUS as far as whether she’s gonna get hers before the whistle blows @ 5pm. Third, like Lindz said… Go BIG or Go HOME!!! If you can’t shell out the ducats for the flower shop action, go to any ghetto area and look for a store with a fruit stand. Roses will be either $1 per or $2 per. Either way, $50 or less gets you two dozen long-stemmed roses, wrapped. Get your boy to deliver them and get ready to be treated like a *KING* after she gets out of work. D

Read the entire post here….

Eat Your Heart Out, Valentine’s Day.

January 28, 2009

I wrote a blog post on of some of the edible heart shaped foods I found on the web and links to how you can make them…. in lieu of Valentines Day…Check out the post here!


V-Day Boxers and Corset!

February 12, 2008

Hey there all you crafty fashionistas,

If you still need something special for Valentine’s Day, check out this video, where Rob and Corinne of Threadbanger show us how to  make a sweet pair of boxers out of 2 pillowcases, and a rad corset with some old clothing.

Valentine’s Day DIY crafts!

January 28, 2008

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for those of you who are super crafty, you’ve probably already nixed the idea of a box o’ chocolates from Walgreens and the stuffed bear that comes with it. Here are some really great and unique ideas that you might enjoy. Also, if you have ideas of your own, feel free the leave them in the comments!

1. Wobbly Heart: This handcrafted (with love) heart and can be used for many various different thing… ornament, decoration, stuff it with scented stuffing for a sweet drawer scent. Thanks to Tangled Thread for this idea and instuctions!

2. Brown Paper Bag Album: Let me warn you first: You’ll need quite some time to make this look as elaborate and intracate as shown in the pictures below, but once you’ve completed it, you’re sure to impress everyone! It’s made out of brown paper bag.. I know, I know – hard to believe, but you better believe it. It also features hidden pockets for more journaling and pictures! Learn how to make it!

3. Oh so sweet Valentines Day Peppermint Patties: What a mouthful….literally. These adorable pink and red peppermint patties make a perfect addition to your Valentines Day gift. The fact that it’s edible and effortless yet looks complicated automatically makes it on my list.

4. Cockscomb Valentine Wreath: Ok, so maybe you’e sick of getting candy, so here’s an alternative way to suprise someone with a wreath that they’ll have for forever! Well… maybe not forever, but at least until next Valentines Day! It’s super easy to make and very sophisticated looking.

5. Pop Up Card!: It’s a nice gesture when you buy someone a card on Valentine’s Day. Take it a step further, well maybe a few steps further and make them a card.. but not just any card, but a pop up card! This little pop-up trick works really well in a scrapbook as well.

6. Doily Envelopes: These cute little envelopes add a delightful touch to just about any card. It gives each card a delicate look and can be made with a variety of different doilies. The nice thing about these is it gives a great contrast to the color of the card inside.

7. Bonbon – Filled Hearts: What more could you ask for on Valentines day than a heart-shaped container filled with bon bons (or any of your favorite candy for that matter)? They make great suprises when hanging from doorknobs, computers, car rear view mirrors or pretty much anywhere you can hang something from.

8. Valentines Day crocheted fortune cookie: Everyone loves fortune cookies, so why not make a bunch for your special friends on Valentines day? They do take a bit of time and if you can’t crochet, well… it’s going to be a bit of a challenge, but it’s damn worth the wait. Add a magnet on the back and Voila! You have a year-round magnet!

9. Beating soapy love heart: What better way to get clean on Valentines day than with a beating soapy love heart? Pick any fragrance to make it unique to your soap, and add a small LED light (minus the magnet) for a glowing, beating effect. Then throw in some glitter and you’re ready to take a shower! (via Instructables)

10. Valentines Day edibles!: Just by browsing the Martha Stewart Valentines day section, you can find tons (and I mean TONS) of edible gifts to make. These are pretty simple, very presentable and fabulous tasting. Click on the picture below for the recipe. Thank’s Martha!

Chocolate and Raspberry Heart Napoleons

Sweetheart Pops

Creamy Fudge Hearts