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Working Out Is Always Better With New Workout Wear

October 15, 2009

It’s so true. What could be a better motivator to hit the gym than a sassy new outfit? Maybe you go to the gym to pick up guys and you want to look great. Or maybe you love looking at yourself in the mirror at the gym and a fitted outfit just makes you want to push yourself harder than a baggy t-shirt. Whatever the case, new workout clothes are always a great motivator for me.

Lucky for you (and me), Target has a huge selection of C9 by Champion and they’re on SALE! Yes! So stock up now. Here are a few items UNDER $10!!! (If you bought all these items listed here, your total would be $30.54. WOW. Click the links below to get these before they sell out!)

Picture 1

Aqua Tank Top – $6.64

Picture 2

Reversible Raceback Bra – $9.48

Picture 4

French Terry Pants – $8.48

Picture 5

Mesh Camisole – $5.94


The Anytime / ALL the Time hoodie.

May 28, 2009

Picture 2I am perpetually a cold person, even when it’s pretty hot outside and sunny. I guess that’s no big shock since I had to move back to sunny California from cold New York. Anyway, I’m always looking for the perfect hoodie. My definition of the perfect hoodie is that it’s thin enough to wear ALL the time or layer, its super soft and cozy on my sensitive skin and it’s stretchy so that you can push up the arms and they actually stay.

People, look what I found at TARGET!

NOTE: Buy a size smaller if you like them snug because they will stretch out after continual use (which I know you’ll be doing!)

Target, Get your ass to the city!

April 24, 2008

.. and I mean it! When I lived in CA, Target was cool.. yea, I’d shop there every once in a while, but it wasn’t my favorite store out there. Once I moved to NY, I soon realized how I’d taken poor Target for granted. It’s amazing. Their furniture is classy and affordable and not to mention their clothes (uh, that dress below is only $19.99).

We’ve got K-Mart (which is weird that they can afford rent in the city when all other K-marts are going bankrupt), but it’s not the same. Come on Target, you have ads in Times Square, it’s time to get you ass to the city!