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Light Sweaters Made For California Winters

December 11, 2009

With the beautiful California weather, you really don’t need to wear anything heavier than a light sweater or coat. And one of the advantages of living by the beaches out here are having all the cool surf stores! Nope, I’m not a surfer and to disprove the myth that surfer brands only sell surfer looking stuff, I’ve picked out some of the cutest light-California-sweaters perfect for the non surfer. These can all be found at my favorite surf store, Becker’s Surf.

1. Hurley Winchester Plaid Jacket

Though this jacket looks thick, it’s actually no thicker than a regular hoodie material. I know because I’m wearing it now. The hood is removable as well. (This link is from Buckle, but I got mine at Becker’s Surf.. for cheaper!)

2. Element Institute Sweater

I love this sweater so much because of its lightweight material and the asymmetrical closure on the front. The large buttons ad a great touch as well!

3. Lucy Love Riding Jacket

It looks like a heavy pea coat, but it’s just a soft cover up that’s made to fool ya! Plus the contrast in the colors and buttons give this jacket a nice touch.


Snuggie for Dogs – FAIL!

October 16, 2009



Snuggie is already a pretty ridiculous idea, but when you subject your dogs to wearing a Dog Snuggie? Well, now that’s just going overboard. They are dogs, not toys! Dogs have fur – they have their own built in ‘snuggie’ if you will. Why would you subject them to having to put on another layer? That’s just wrong.

The point they make on the site is that it’s cold outside so your dog should be covered. Dogs don’t give a $%#& what the weather is like outside. They have fur to keep them warm. Their fur grows thicker in the winter because that’s just how amazing a dog’s body is. Oh and get this, each Dog Snuggie comes with a recordable dog tag, heaven forbid it runs away.

But like Jay Leno said, if the dog runs away, it’s probably because you put that ridiculous Snuggie on it! Shame on you!