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Lush: Fresh, Handmade Soaps and Things

January 26, 2010

I love LUSH. I discovered the small shop in NYC at their store in Soho. When living in such a small dirty city (sorry New Yorkers!), I searched to find handmade organic products that would help rejuvanate my skin and bring back all of the essential oils that were lost from my daily wear and tear. My favorite product from LUSH are their bath bombs. You know when you just want to relax after a long week? Bath Bombs are so delicious because all you do it throw them in a hot back and as they dissolve, they give your face a bit of a facial as well.

This one is Sakura Bath Bomb and it’s packed with floral fragrances. My other favorite is a special limited edition bath bomb that only comes out around Christmas time. I’ve also tried their Dream Cream and honey soap and both were luxurious as well. Also, I almost forgot to mention that since all of their products are handmade, you can actually buy facial scrubs and masks freshly made – sort of like a salad bar at the store. Pricey? Sort of. Worth it? HELL YES!

What are your favorite LUSH products? Anything you’d recommend that I try?


Unique Body Products: Uniquely Emu

January 14, 2009

I have been using emu oil for abour 10 months now as an all over body oil. Like I said earlier, I have very dry (eczema) skin. I researched all of emu oil’s healing properties and how it is more easiily absorbed into human skin because of its likeness. Emu oil, however is pretty expensive so I was buying the cheapest I could find. It was doing an adequate job, but for my skin I wanted to see its healing properties. I finally splurged and purchased 2 8oz bottles from Uniquely Emu for around $75. Uniquely Emu’s oil is AEA certified (Certified by the American Emu Assosication) to ensure you get the best possible products.


Right off the bat, I notied the oils thick cloudy consistency. It’s not thin like oil that melts and rolls off your hand, creating a messy situation. This oil is thick and stays put until you rub it. I was amazed by this high quality product and convinced that AEA oil is definitely well worth the extra bucks. Not only does this help with skin inflammation,Β  but it keeps skin soft and smooth. And I can certainly attest to that, seeing as my skin soaks up regular oils after about 10 minutes.

I then came back to the site and ordered a few more products – reviews below. Overall, I am not amazed by only the high quality of the product, but the customer service can’t be beat. Their customer representative, Susan went above and beyond what regular customer service people do to help their customers. She wrote out very nice, helpful and details emails that were very tailored to me as a customer and sincere. I cannot express how excited to receive the rest of the products in the mail and how grateful that I was investing my skin in a company that has such great products and values.

If you have a history of eczema, psoriasis or just very dry and flaky skin, I really urge you to buy natural products that contain emu oil. I swear by it and guarantee you will see results. And unlike me, try to splurge and get the best kind, like Uniquely Emu. Your skin will thank you!


Facial Moisturizer – This product is by far the thickest and creamiest face cream thatΒ  I’ve ever tried. About a few years ago I’d given up on a facial moisturizer because they just didn’t moisturize enough. They were thin and left my skin feeling parched. This is by far the best for you if you have dry sensitive skin.


Shampoo and Conditioner I’ve use both the shampoo and conditioner and to tell you the truth I like the shampoo better. Both are very creamy and looked like some kind of whipped dessert. They smell delicious and are a great consistency. The shampoo gave great lather and you didn’t have to use much so it lasts a long time. The conditioner however wasn’t very slipper so I did use a lot to get to all of my head since my hair tangles easy.


Bar Soap – I’m usually not a bar soap kinda gal, but I figured, what the hell – I’ll try it. I was actually surprised that this bar soap lathered so well and was very creamy. After soaping up, your skin feels slippery and very soft. However the longer I was in the shower scrubbing my skin, eventually all the sliminess rubbed off and my skin felt squeaky clean. This is good for people who love that feeling, but I tend to like my skin a little slippery, as if I took a shower in soft water, so maybe next time, I won’t scrub so much afterwards.