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Barbie Suite: Livin’ The Pink Life In Vegas!

January 1, 2010

That’s right peeps. You can now head over the the Palms in Vegas and stay in a Barbie – inspired suite. How amazing it this? Pink everywhere?! I really coudln’t ask for anything more. This chic ultra-bachelorette pad wad designed by Jonathan Adler and it features custom Barbie wall coverings and a sunburst mirror made of 65 Barbie dolls.

Some of the amenities include

  • Two-Way Fireplace
  • Full Bar
  • Plasma TVs
  • Steam Shower
  • Jacuzzi® Tub
  • Superior Sound System
  • iPod® Hi-Fi
  • Creston Controlled TVs and Drapes
  • 2,350 Square Feet
  • 50-person Capacity

So can you imagine the ultimate Barbie party? It would HAVE to he be here. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself!


Christian Louboutin Pink Glittery Goddess Shoes

October 28, 2009

If Christian Louboutin, Dorothy and Barbie all had a magical shoe child, this is exactly what it would look like. It’s Christian Louboutin’s Declic Glitter Pumps are they are beautiful, magical and everything in between. Not sure I can justify the $675 price tag, but one day I will have these – you’ll see. They are completely and utterly over-the-top and 250% girly but that are fabulous and they are me.

Picture 7

Race For The Cure! Pink Running Shoes

October 23, 2009

Though, this month is almost over, let’s not forget that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Not only am I a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and the search for the cure, I love pink. Don’t believe me? Check out the Lindsey Chen Loves Pink video. Anyway, back to the point. If you are in need of running shoes, these are definitely ones that you should have! They are super cute and support Breast Cancer Awareness. I am actually thinking about buying these as having alternate training shoes for when i run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon! Also, why not add some cute pink clothing to go with it? After all, who wouldn’t want to work out in style?

Picture 2

Picture 3

Best Shoe For Running A Marathon! – Asics Kayano 15

October 20, 2009

I just purchased the pair of shoes that I’m going to be running the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) in. Asics – Kayano 15 – in Pink (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month!) I am super stoked because the shoes are cute and not only very lightweight and comfortable. I ran 5 miles with them this morning – no problem!

Part of the main reason why I bought these is because my feet slighly turn into the arches (I am pronate) so these provide extra support. Also, because of the gel soles, they are really easy on the knees and joints. It’s not worth screwing up your knees. I love these shoes and if you are running a marathon, half marathon or even 10/5k, then I urge you to check them out!


Ped Egg – for better or worse?

June 17, 2009

Last winter my mom bought me a Ped Egg and since I was wearing boots most of the time, I did not need it. Come summer, I’ve been walking the hell out of my feet. I used this for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s amazing. Last night I even used it on my boyfriend and he loved it. I know, you’re thinking that the grater-ish bottom looks like it hurts, but it feel really good actually. Try it out for yourself!


Top 10 PINK Cars!

May 30, 2009

I am looking for a new car and you all know how much I love pink. Here are some of my top favorites:

1. Pink Corvette


2. Not sure what this car is.. Toyota? Nissan?


3. VW Bug!

Picture 2

4. Pink Modified Honda? Hmm…

pink car

5. Talk about bottlenose…. it’s the Pink Panther!


6. Corvette II


7. Audi TT Coupe: Cute, but bad visibility


8. Pinky Smart Car

Picture 1

9. Ford Thunderbird.. just had to make the list.


10. A mini Mini!


Ok so there you have it. Pink cars galore! If there anything that I missed of you have an awesome pink car that you’d like to submit, PLEASE let me know! Email me at lindsey g chen at

Also, which is your favorite?

Cutest F’ing swimsuits.

May 18, 2009

..but you know that once you order them they will prob look nothing like the ad does. UGH Victoria’s Secret… I hate you and love you at the same time!

Picture 1

Free People

May 18, 2009

I think I’ve posted about Free People before but I’d like to reiterate how much I love their clothes. If you have a job there allows you to wear stylish, funky clothing, definitely check them out. I love their edgy colors and fun hippie-ish look. I just got a couple tanks from Nordstrom Rack. On sale and so worth it. BTW, love this tunic below – great for the office, family gatherings, shopping on the weekend, basically anything.


How much pink is too pink?

November 2, 2008

Ever since pink became more of a trend than a mere way to support the breast cancer cause, people all over have been capitalizing on this new phenomenon. I, for one, have been a huge supported of the color pink since I can remember and because more and more companies have pink items, I’m thrilled. But how much pink (in and out of your kitchen) is too much?

Where do you draw the line if you live with a guy? I live with my boyfriend, but I still can’t help buying things like the above, or pink coffee makers, etc!

Hot Pink Oven Gloves!

October 20, 2008

I’ve been way into cooking for quite some time, and every birthday I get cooking supplies…most PINK because that’s my favorite color for gadgets and acccessories. This birthday I got these pink oven gloves. My first thought was that they are too fluffy to be practical, but after 2 months of using them, they are the best. Here’s why – they are super soft, very very heat resistent (which oven gloves should be) and  best of all, they have individual fingers for easy handling!

Summer Trends…. UGH is it really a trend?

August 15, 2008

Please help me decide what trends are actually going to work this summer. I see all kinds of crazy stuff around NYC and some of it I love, most I hate (and I guess this really tells a lot about my fashion sense.) What’s in? What’s out? HELP! Leave me a comment!

1. Lace – Lace tops, lace dresses… lace embellishments. Oh and by the way, does that mean that you can get away without wearing anything underneath?? I certainly would feel weird walking out without something solid under a lace top, but that’s just me.

2. Pastel Colors – I have dark olive skin and to tell you the truth, pastels look horrid on me. I’m not saying they look bad on everyone but is this really a trend? I feel like I’m a 5 year old when I wear pastel colors. Although this yellow color is beautiful. Anyone else feel this way?

3. The color purple – Some people say purple is the new pink. Take it as you will, I still love pink…. things. I’d never wear the color pink because it looks bad on me and I actually like the purple trend. Well, dark purple. Like I said, pastels look bad on me. Yay for plum purple outfits.

4. Gladiator Sandals – UGH I hate these. They look so freakin weird. Maybe they’d look better if they weren’t so freakishly tall. And what kind of tan lines do you get from wearing these!?! Please tell me this trend is going to go away… forever.

Are there any trends I’m missing? (I hope!) Let me know in the comments! Which trends to you love/hate?

What is the deal with BIG BOWS on dresses???

June 2, 2008

I went onto today because I wanted desperately to find the dress that I bought last year. It is the most adorable jumper dress thats so comfortable and versatile. I can literally wear it with leggings, with a tank, shirt or long sleeve underneath it, or by itself for a cute dress. I did not find it on the site, as it must be outdated, but I did find a pic of myself wearing it. (I’m in the middle)

Anyway, here’s my main reason for this post. Though I did not find MY dress, I found this interesting dress with this ENORMOUS bow! What is with these HUGE bows? It makes her look like a present, and in my opinion it’s pretty tacky.

Maybe it’s just me and this is the new fashion trend (even though I hate it.) Anyone else hate it? Or love it? Post in the comments!!!!

My favorite PINK kitchen gadgets

May 23, 2008

I love cooking, probably more than the next person. I find it like an art and by adding different colors, you create a whole new dish. Now, I admit that I don’t own many gadgets right now because I’m squished in a tiny apartment in New York City with no counterspace. But, often, I do dream about the day where I’ll have a gadget for everything… and yes, it will be pink. Here are my top 10 picks:

1. Pink Blender: For drinks, sauces, soups, smoothies – you name it. You gotta have a blender!

2. Pink pot holders / dish towels: Apparantly John Deere likes pink too. And these are not really gadgets, more of a kitchen staple. Who cares? They still make my list!

3. Pink Strainers: Not only are they a great pink color, but they have very stylish designs on it!

4. Pink Knife Set: It’s not just one knife – it’s a whole freakin’ knife set. Who knew cutting could be so glamorous?

5. Pink Wine Opener: How do you open your pink wine? With a pink wine opener! Just kidding, I hope you don’t drink pink wine….

6. Pink Cooking Utensils: Yesss…. more pink!

7. Pink Stove: What to cook on? A vintage pink stove! I’m in love – where do I find one?

8. Pink George Foreman Grill – an essential in every household.

8. Pink Cupcake Liners: What a perfect accessory to your next baking party.

9. Pink Water Dispenser: Need Water? Why not make it a cuter dispenser than the generic ones?

10. Pink Mixing Bowls: So many bowls that you can use them for soup, salad, mixing – anything!

LuLu’s super affordable, adorable online clothing store (*COUPON OFFER)

April 1, 2008

This morning I got an email from Ali from I am a big sucker for new online clothing sites (because let’s face it.. in New York without a car – online shopping is a huge blessing!). I headed straight for the dress section because that’s pretty much how I gauge a site on if I’d actually shop there or not. My findings? TONS of cute and very underpriced dresses. And with the summer coming up you can bet I’ll be shopping there pretty often. Oh and if you use the promotional code ‘urbanupdater’ you’ll get 15% off your entire order until May 15. You’ll also get FREE shipping over $75!


This little black dress is fun, flirty and a staple for almost every wardrobe. You can throw it on to go to a cocktail party, cousin’s bar mitzvah, birthday party, wedding… oh, the possibilities are endless. Anyway, everyone needs a little black dress for those unforseeable occasions. And for $60 bucks? This is definitely a hit!


Ok, so what’s not to like about this hot, sexy, sultry pink dress? I am a huge fan of pink and when the weather hits 85 degrees in New York City, there is nothing more that I’d rather wear than…well no clothes at all. But that’s not really an option walking out on the street, so this little hot pink number will do the trick. Dress it up for a party or dress it down for shopping and the beach, this dress is perfect for all occasions. Plus it’s only $27 bucks? What a steal!!!

And aside from the sweet dresses, has tons of affordable jeans, shoes, tops, accessories. You name it! Go stock up ladies, because summer is almost here!

my very expensive cheap weekend and why I love online shopping

March 31, 2008

Hello readers-

Well this weekend was awesome. I didn’t go out at night and I didn’t really do much of anything – no cab rides, expensive dinners, or late night cab rides. FYI, my boyfriend wasn’t in town and I didn’t really feel like braving the cold at night by myself. I did, however manage to frugally spend a good deal of cash. And by frugally, I mean…. I hit the jackpot. Here’s how I did it.

I went shopping at American Eagle on Saturday afternoon. I love this store because it’s so fun and summery and they have such cute “hanging out” clothes and beach clothes. I know I don’t live near a beach, but a girl can still purchase, right? This is what i bought.


How cute is this set? I am a sucker for pink and hearts and well I’ve been drooling over this cute set for ages. Everytime I went into American Eagle, I would ALMOST buy it, but just didn’t. Then it went on sale when I was out of town and when I went back in, my size was gone. Luckily I bought it online and got a 20% savings using a discount coupon code. (Just google “store name discount coupon code” and you can always find savings). Also, the bra is on sale online but not in the store. This is why I love shopping online.


I also bought these shorts which are only available online. Cute for hanging out at the beach, cute for walking around and super fun! Another reason why I love online shopping. They come in dark blue… but the yellow are much more fun!


Let me tell you how lucky I was with this dress. I was browsing through Forever21 on 34th street and I spotted this dress that was misplaced on the first floor amongst the madness that is Forever21. I quickly grabbed it up because its so adorable and then I looked at the price tag -$13.50. YES folks, that’s cheaper than some cabs in New York. Hell, that’s cheaper than a bagel at Murray’s Bagel Shop on 6th Ave.  So I search for a size small somewhere in the store and see what other colors this comes in. Turns out that the section that they house these dresses in was closed for the day (WTF??). I decided to take my chances and try it on. Jackpot. It fit perfectly… and that’s how I got a bargain.

Eggplant summery dress

March 13, 2008

14081285_50_b.jpegI absolutely love this dress. And I love it even more for the fact that it’s on sale for $29.99. I swear, sometimes its totally worth the wait, especially in this case. This is the perfect dress for summer!!! Plus, the color is beautiful!!! WOOHOO! (Getting out my credit card now…)

Pink iPhone….not real (yet!)

February 1, 2008

pinkiphone.jpgYup, we all know that I had an iPhone. If you don’t, now you do. I lost it in a cab. I’m over it now (really!) and I have an awesome Blackberry Pearl and I do admit, I love LOVE LOVE brickbreaker, but alas, its time to move on and I want the red Blackberry Curve (hey! I’m picky, but I’m just being honest!). Well that is until I saw this… iPhone. I know its totally photoshopped, but wouldn’t it be cool if they actually had a pink iPhone!?

laptop bags.

December 18, 2007

I love my laptop. It’s pink, cute and very useful. I don’t travel with it that much, but on the occasion I’ll work from home or go out of town. I’m leaving for California tomorrow and I just realized that I don’t have a laptop bag. So i searched and searched yesterday with no avail to find a cheap, but good bag. Needless to say, the cheapest bag I found was $60 bucks, which I’ll probably have to break down and buy today. Only because I love my laptop so much!

This one below is made by Puma… probably pretty pricey, but looks similar to the $60 bag i saw yesterday. Yes! It’s pink! WOOHOO. If you’re looking to spend more bucks, check out Acme – they have some stylish and durable laptop bags and they come in a ton of wonderful colors! Also, Etsy has some great laptop bags, and they are all handmade – so support indie artists!


Top 10 Pink Gadgets of 2007

December 11, 2007

Ok – so if you haven’t already caught on, then catch on now. PINK is everywhere – whether its for the cure for Breast Cancer or just for the sake of the oh-so loveable color, you can’t escape its wrath. Pink has been my favorite color since before I could even say pink. And I’m happy to see that this year has produced more pink gadgets that I know what to do with. Here are my top 10 favorites for this year:

1. The Pink DVD Player: Why buy a silver or black DVD player when you can buy a pink one from NextPlay? They are SO adorable and cheap. Unfortunately when I bought my DVD player, I called all over to find one and they were all sold out. If you get one, let me know… you’re a lucky lucky person.



2. The Pink Casio Exilim: So far, I only have a pink case for my camera. It’s also a 4.0 megapixel (meaning it’s ANCIENT). I want to upgrade to this one this year….. WOOHOO.


3. The Pink iPod Shuffle (exclusive to Walmart): And sold out, I might add. If you can’t get your hands on this, get a pink cover. Though, let me add – It’s just not as cool.


4. The Pink Tool Set:  Your husband or boyfriend has a tool kit, so why shouldn’t you? And if you’re going to have to do the heavy dirty work around the house, you should be using something cute. End of story.


5. The Pink PS2: We all know that the PS2 is amazing, for the mere fact that you can play Guitar Hero on it…. and as of November, it’s coming out in PINK. Hallelujah!


6. The Pink KitchenAid: I love to cook and I love to cook on pink appliances. Amazing. Though I have pink pots and pans, a pink kettle and other small appliances, this one takes the cake!


7. The Pink George Foreman: Did George approve this? Maybe he created it for his daughter… oh wait, he had all boys. Well, then my friend, George, must be looking out for the ladies on this one.



8. The Pink Computer: Unlike my pink laptop, this one is actually colored pink, not just the case. Let me just say, this is one way to type in style. Thanks Sony. (Although, I am a fan of apple….. c’mon Steve Jobs, we want a pink computer!!!)


9. Pink Dyson Vacuum Cleaner: I love to clean. And now, I love to clean even more! The generic yellow vacuum cleaners are so tacky. Women out there, you should only agree to vacuum if your husband’s buy you a pink vacuum cleaner.


10. The Pink Coffeemaker: I was torn between the pink coffeemaker and the pink toaster. Then I realized that I drink WAY more coffee… and you probably do too, which is why this coffeemaker made the cut.




Orange is the new Red!

November 7, 2007



 Recently I’ve been hearing that orange is the new red. I’m not sure who decided this… in fact, i thought that pink was still the color of the season. Ok maybe that’s just because pink happens to be my favorite color. Anyway, i’m not all that opposed to orange where I see dresses like this. Not too bold, not subtle at all, but bright and fun!