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O.P.I to the rescue!

November 8, 2010

Out of all the nail polish brands that I’ve tried, I have to say O.P.I. is definitely my favorite. And here’s why – they have a wide array of colors, the brush in the nail polish is flat, allowing an easier paint job, the hilarious color names, the polish lasts long and did I mention ALL of their colors? My new favorite color is called “Don’t Know… Beets Me.” It’s a hot pink – the middle color on the top row. Absolutely love it. Can’t wait to wear it throughout the holidays!


Trend Alert: Matte Nailpolish

February 19, 2010

Say what? Matte nailpolish? Yup, that’s right folks, forget the super shine top coat on this one. O.P.I. has jumped on board so you know it’s extra hot.I actually picked up “La Paz-itively Hot” (The pink one, of course) and didn’t realize it was a Matte until I got halfway home and read the tag. The tag reads says you can’t wear hand lotion or any sort of top/base coat. I thought – WTH!?? I can’t put on hand lotion! After testing this matte color out, I was super impressed at how FAST it dryed. Literally within 2 minutes of applying 2 coats, I was doing dishes and other things and guess what? NO smudges! This is definitely a perk and the matte doesn’t look so bad after all. I also that applying hand lotion only takes away some of the shine, and for someone who didn’t even know I signed up for matte, it’s no sweat off my back.