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PRODUCT GIVEAWAY: Totally Bamboo African Congo Board

July 2, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give away a vanity, but instead, the cool folks over at have offered me a better giveaway for my readers. Of course, I said yes, because you guys are the ones who keep this blog alive. So as a little Thank You, and hopefully just in time for summer BBQ’s, I’d like to offer this fantastic cutting board by Totally Bamboo.

Now, you’ve probably seen them around town in your local stores, and it just so happens that I have a kitchen full of Totally Bamboo products. They made of 100% bamboo (hence the name) and they hold up really well to knives, all types of food and make for a great presentation. I use mine to serve cheese and crackers at parties. I’ve gone through many other cheaper bamboo boards, but nothing stands up to my heavy cooking as great as these. I cannot stress how much I love these, which is why I’m super stoked to give one away to a lucky reader!

WHAT YOU WIN: One Totally Bamboo African Congo Cutting Board

HOW TO ENTER: Just leave a comment below saying why you should win by July 18, 2010.

HOW YOU’LL KNOW IF YOU WON: Leave an email and I’ll contact you the week of July 18th, 2010. If I don’t hear back from you withink 24 hours, then i’m movin’ on to the next person!

Good luck to everyone! 🙂

P.S. a little bit of info on the eco-friendliness of bamboo boards (From the Totally Bamboo website)

o    100% Renewable resource, the millennium’s new “wood”

o    Bamboo is harder and denser than most hard woods, it is16% harder than maple, which is the most common wood used for most cutting boards.

o    After harvesting, bamboo grows back and can be re-harvested every 4 ½ years.  Bamboo does not need re-planting.  Most hardwood have a 30 to 60 year growth cycle.


CONTEST: You Could Be The Next Vita-Mix Host!

November 23, 2009

Remember my post about how the Vita Mix blender was pretty much the best thing on earth? Well that’s good news, because not only is the blender still the star of my mom’s kitchen, but they are having a contest called “Pitch Me” (Which I am totally going to enter, by the way.)

All you have to do is submit a video of yourself showing off your Vita-Mix blender and demonstrating how you’d be the next greatest demo star and you could win $10 grand in cash! Yay! Overall, they’re giving away $20,000 in prizes. Hey, even if you don’t win, you could walk away with a Vita-Mix, and that’s a great prize just by itself!

Here are some more details:

“Participants must showcase their skills with a Vita-Mix blender and are judged on their video’s creativity, popularity and overall quality. As the competition progresses, Vita-Mix will air highly-rated submissions on national commercials, to drum up support for the leading videos and further publicize the contest. Vita-Mix is offering over $20,000 in total prizes including the single Grand Prize of $10,000 cash.”


David Lok won the Happy Socks contest!

February 9, 2009

Remember the Happy Socks contest back in December? I was giving away 4 pairs of socks to the person who left the best comment. Well after much review, David Lok won and here’s his pic with his awesome new Happy Socks!


Here’s his winning response: “

I deserve to win because I’ve been stuck in the Thome Browne universe a bit too long. Suit pants that hangs above ankle with dress shoes minus socks really don’t work so well this time of the year. What better way to cure my no sock blues with these dashing Happy Socks.

Thanks a bunch!”

And just so you know, David, you look stunning in your new socks! 🙂

Grafitti Lace and Totally Bamboo Giveaway!

July 10, 2008

Hey guys! Check out this video! There’s a 10% off promo code for Totally Bamboo’s eco friendly products!

Win a Janome Sewing Machine! /Make Your own Bolero / Shrug

May 16, 2008

If you’ve always wanted one of those bolero/shrug wraps but ever found the right one, now you can make one! This is a great tutorial with easy steps to make one from an old turtleneck! And also, if you don’t have a sewing machine, get out your video cameras, because now is your chance to win one!