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Wedding Season: It's All About the Bride (and the dress!)

June 9, 2010

So far, this year, I’ve been invited to 4 weddings. I went to the first last weekend in Jacksonville, Florida and this weekend, I’ll be heading to Sacaramento for Wedding #2. I love weddings because as much as I love to celebrate the party and see my friends/family, I love the fashions. The wedding is all about the brides and their beautiful wedding dresses.

From sweetheart neckline, to halter tops or cap sleeves, wedding dresses are a way for the bride to express herself while showing off the style that she looks best in. I am a sucker for sweetheart necklines and classic styles with a little bit of beading and bling. I loved Carrie’s dress in Sex and the City, but let’s face it – not many of us could pull that off!

What do you think about the dresses below? I LOVE the first one! What is your favorite style of wedding dress? Do you go to weddings for the party or fashion? And last but not least, if you’ve got a crazy wedding story to tell, leave it in the comments!


Dress in the City

January 18, 2007


A little bird told me that dresses are the “it” item for this season. Therefore, I searched and searched and came up with this beautiful and edgy dress designed by Mara Hoffman. If this style looks somewhat familiar, she’s also one of the main designers for Sex and the City. If Carrie Bradshaw can pull it off, so can you!

Thankfully charm bracelets and necklaces & pendants are not half as expensive as wedding rings or today people would have been wearing earrings only.