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8 Great Holiday Gifts For Under $20

November 3, 2009

The holidays are here (my favorite time of year) and with the holidays comes gift giving. Now, I love giving gifts but I also have to face the fact that we’re in a recession, so spending $50 bucks on a friend isn’t really realistic. Plus, you have coworkers and such. So I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts to give for under $20.

1. Lip Saver Roll by Korres ($15.60 with discount code)– This roll of Lip balm is nothing like you’re used to. I hate those annoying lip balms that smell bad, dry out your lips and come off easily. This is a real treat – since it’s made with shea butters, it offers hydration, a light tint and some shine to your lips. Not to mention the great scent -Remember too, Korres products are all natural, so you can be assured that this product is quality. Anyway, you can never have too many lip butters! (Also enter the keyword URBAN for a special 20% off discount until the end of November!)

LIP SAVER_383x414

2. Totally Bamboo Pineapple Cutting Board and Spreader ($18 for both) – This is for the friend or family member who love to entertain, or just loves to cook. This adorable Pineapple Cutting Board is only $15 and spreader is only $3! What a bargain. It’s great to serve cheese or fruit or for cutting smaller items. This is not only a great holiday gift, but also something that’s good to keep on hand for when you need a quick hostess gift or housewarming present. Also, did you know that Bamboo is 16% harder than maple so the board will last longer. It also has anti-microbial properties to repel bacteria. You get all of this while helping to keep the world green!



3. Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix From Serendipity ($16) – Who doesn’t love hot chocolate during the winter months? Well, this is a new spin – FROZEN Hot Chocolate! It’s absolutely amazing – ask anyone who’s visited the restaurant in New York. This rich, creamy hot chocolate beats anything you can get in the store and you can make it hot or cold. You decide!


4. 88 Piece Makeup Palette by Coastal Scents ($18.95) – Nope, that’s not a type. You do really get 88 super pigmented eyeshadow colors. What else could a girl need? Each color is about a dime size, but since they are super pigmented, you only need a touch of it. Great to travel with and will last a lifetime. Not to mention you can use them wet or dry.


5. Lambie Ballerina Slippers and Shea Butter Socks ($20 for both) – Pamper your feet this holiday season with Lambie Ballerina Slippers and a pair of Shea Butter Socks. These socks have shea butter infused in them to keep your feel silky and smooth, then wear the slippers around the house for even a softer luxurious feel while hanging out buy the fire or cookin’ up a yummy holiday meal!



6. Try me Shea by L’Occitane ($15) – With winter comes dryness and we all know that nothing is less sexy than dry, cracked skin. Which is why ‘Try Me Shea‘ is the perfect holiday gift. This luxurious gift bag comes with shower cream, lotion, hand cream, shampoo, conditioner, face soap and a travel pouch. Say buh-bye to dryness and hello Shea butter!


7. Aunt Sadie’s Holiday Candles ($18) There is nothing that reminds me of a holiday more so than the fresh scented aroma of baking gingerbread cookies and cinnamon spice. Well, with Aunt Sadie’s Holiday Candles, you can replicate the smell to make your house smell great all holiday season!

Picture 1

8. Knitted Beret from Gap ($19.50) – Stay warm while doing your holiday shopping with a cute knitted beret from Gap. It’s stylish, warm and under $20. This makes a great gift for the friend who lives in cold weather or just loves to be outfitted from head to toe. Comes in 4 great colors.


Well that just about completes this year’s holiday gift guide for under $20. Is there something I missed or something that you’d love to receive for under $20? Leave it in the comments!


Furnishing My Apartment, Step 1

September 15, 2009

Not sure if everyone knew or not, but I am looking for my very first apartment on my own. Yup, that means no roommates – no dirty dishes that aren’t mine, no food disappearing without notice, no random strangers and late night parties… well the list goes ON and ON!

I found this great home decor site, Accent Furniture Direct and went crazy last night looking through all of their stuff. I’ve decided to purchase one thing off of their site for under $85 and if you check out the site, you’ll find that $85 goes a loooooong way.

Here are 4 of my favorite pieces of furniture. Yeah, so one of them is over budget, but I wanted you to see anyway. Which does everyone like the best? (click on the images to view the actual site)





Best Candles of the Year: TOCCA

January 27, 2009

Tocca candles are to die for. I kid you not. I’m a huge candle addict. I recently bought a $25 Red Sangria candle from Banana Republic and was sadly disappointed that it burned through in a month and didn’t even smell good. My boyfriend buys cheap Glade candles, which also do not smell. So you can imagine how estatic I was when I received this Tocca candle and I could already smell it through the packaging and through the bag it was in.


The Test: I took it home and burned it and it had an overwhelming sweet smell that radiated throughout my entire apartment. Yma is my favorite because its sweet guava and currant smell is amazing, but I’m sure their other scents are just as great. Plus they are very affordable compared to my $25 Banana Republic candle. Try them…. I bet you will love them too!


Can’t choose just one? Opt for their gift set so you can try try their 4 most popular scents.Cleopatra, Grace, Havana and Kyoto.

Valentines Day, Soy Candles

February 5, 2008

Maybe you remembered my previous post about Way Out Wax and how they are making environmentally friendly candles that are not only biodegradable, but made completely of soy wax, which makes for a cleaner and healthier environment at the same time. I’m a big fan of all things soy, especially wax. When I burn candles (and I burn them frequently, I love the fact that they don’t leave a black residue on the glass or a black smoke looming in your room once you’ve blown them out.

They’ve specially created a Valentines day soy candle for all you people who just can’t get enough of Valentine’s Day. As for me, I love pink and this would for sure match with my pink rug and bedspread, so I’d use it year round.

And still…. until the end of March, they’ve offered you guys a 15% discount if you use the coupon code, URBAN. Happy shopping!


Soothing candles by Way Out Wax

December 13, 2007


If you are like me, you LOVE candles. Not only do they look beautiful in a room, but they smell great! I am always looking for the best candles around town and I may have just found them.

I just received a shipment of candles from Way Out Wax (based in Vermont), and upon opening the box the sweet aroma filled the entire office (they work without even burning them!!). These are from the aromatheraphy line. Currently I’m burning the “Clear Head” candle. Infused with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary, your sinuses will be cleared stat, which is good for the holidays when everyone is getting sick.

Looking for new candles? Here are a few reasons why you should go with Way Out Wax:

  • 100% biodegradable (hey, we’re all going green, right?)
  • 100% soy way (they burn CLEAN! and last longer.)
  • 100% quality and satisfaction guaranteed

So check out their website for gift baskets, clean air sprays and even non – scented candles if that’s your thing! If you purchase anything on the site, use the coupon code ‘URBAN’ for a 15% discount, valid until Dec 31st.

And if you want to pick them up in a store, check your local Whole Foods grocery store. Happy shopping!