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Too soon for summer dresses?

January 20, 2009

I know it’s still pretty much the dead of winter, but for some reason, stores are starting to display an array of summer clothing. This makes me not only mad that I can’t wear this and also hopeful that I will be able to wear them soon! American Eagle is one of my favorite clothing stores for their plain and classic styles and reasonable prices. Despite, its pretty reputation, I try to stick with their plain classic styles that won’t go out of style. Take a look at a few of their cute summer dresses. Click on the pictures to go to the page. (*All dresses under $45)

1. One Shoulder Dress

graydress2. Knit Party Dress


3. Floral Shift Dress



A Peacoat would be nice.

October 23, 2008

I think I have become obsessed with buying coats/jackets and maybe that’s because it’s 46 degrees outside right now. I love peacoats as much as the next person, but having a peacoat that is both flexible and comfortable and STILL warm… well, now that’s just a bargain.

This particular coat is from American Eagle for approx 70 bucks, but you can get a 20% off with the online coupon code, and FREE shipping. Did I hear a bargain? It comes in light grey and navy. I love the gray but I always buy neutral colors. Maybe I’ll go for navy this time. Thoughts?

My Favorite Wifebea… Uh.. Boyfriend Tank.

May 24, 2008

I’ll admit, I’ve gone through my share of wifebeaters. Cheap ones, cheaper ones, expensive ones.. and these are my favorite for these reasons:

  1. The low-cut-ness of the scoop neck is perfect, not too low, but very flattering
  2. The material does not stretch out after many wears so you don’t have to wash after every use
  3. The colors are HOT!

*These tanks come in a variety of different colors and are only $15.50! They’re on sale!

my very expensive cheap weekend and why I love online shopping

March 31, 2008

Hello readers-

Well this weekend was awesome. I didn’t go out at night and I didn’t really do much of anything – no cab rides, expensive dinners, or late night cab rides. FYI, my boyfriend wasn’t in town and I didn’t really feel like braving the cold at night by myself. I did, however manage to frugally spend a good deal of cash. And by frugally, I mean…. I hit the jackpot. Here’s how I did it.

I went shopping at American Eagle on Saturday afternoon. I love this store because it’s so fun and summery and they have such cute “hanging out” clothes and beach clothes. I know I don’t live near a beach, but a girl can still purchase, right? This is what i bought.


How cute is this set? I am a sucker for pink and hearts and well I’ve been drooling over this cute set for ages. Everytime I went into American Eagle, I would ALMOST buy it, but just didn’t. Then it went on sale when I was out of town and when I went back in, my size was gone. Luckily I bought it online and got a 20% savings using a discount coupon code. (Just google “store name discount coupon code” and you can always find savings). Also, the bra is on sale online but not in the store. This is why I love shopping online.


I also bought these shorts which are only available online. Cute for hanging out at the beach, cute for walking around and super fun! Another reason why I love online shopping. They come in dark blue… but the yellow are much more fun!


Let me tell you how lucky I was with this dress. I was browsing through Forever21 on 34th street and I spotted this dress that was misplaced on the first floor amongst the madness that is Forever21. I quickly grabbed it up because its so adorable and then I looked at the price tag -$13.50. YES folks, that’s cheaper than some cabs in New York. Hell, that’s cheaper than a bagel at Murray’s Bagel Shop on 6th Ave.  So I search for a size small somewhere in the store and see what other colors this comes in. Turns out that the section that they house these dresses in was closed for the day (WTF??). I decided to take my chances and try it on. Jackpot. It fit perfectly… and that’s how I got a bargain.

which one should i buy?

November 5, 2007

Again… back to my shopping decisions. I tried on this really cute vest at american eagle and then i saw this really adorable hoodie. which should i buy? they are around the same price… help! i guess the jacket is more practical.. but a vest is practical too, right?