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The Ultimate Heel

September 16, 2010

Need a classic heel to wear to work? On a date? To a wedding? This is the perfect elegant heel.. and quite affordable too. What’s great about this shoe is the high backs that give a classic, unique touch to the heel. The color also is nude enough to not take away from an outfit, yet it will go with any color. That’s why is a great staple shoe for many occasions. And get this.. it’s under $100 from Aldo!


Sequined Glamourous Stilettos

January 27, 2010

I absolutely LOVE these shoes (Litten by Aldo). They are the quintessential “going out” heel.. that I must have. They were $80 just a few days ago and now they’re down to $40. Wow, Aldo… you are making this really hard for me to not just take out my credit card and purchase these sparkling stilettos RIGHT NOW!

Does the heel really matter?

January 25, 2010

How much does a heel influence the kind of shoe that you buy? Do you only buy wedges? Stilettos? Flats? I am having a tough time deciding if I like the heel. No actually, I like them, but I have friends that hate both of these heels. What do you think? These are super comfy, but are they terrible looking?

Chained To Boots… Ankle Boots, that is!

January 24, 2010

I know I have been slightly obsessive about posting boots lately. It’s pretty much my latest obsession – yeah. Shoes. I feel like I’ve turned into Carrie Bradshaw or something. I’d actually rather prefer a nice pair of heels or boots than a fancy dinner. And these are my latest craze… they are on sale, of course. But, here’s to hoping they’ll go on sale even more.

They are called Melokonian by Aldo.

Dressy Ballet Flats from Aldo, 50% off!

June 17, 2009

I was shopping today and found these adorable ballet flats from Aldo. Now, usually I’m not a ballet flat kinda person, but someone walking by actually said how great they looked on my feet! I love the sparkles and stones to really dress up an outfit without losing the comfort. Plus they’re great to just slip on and wear to work or a dinner. The really great part is that they’re on sale! 50% off! They’re only $34, what a bargain, huh?

Picture 2