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Race For The Cure! Pink Running Shoes

October 23, 2009

Though, this month is almost over, let’s not forget that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Not only am I a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and the search for the cure, I love pink. Don’t believe me? Check out the Lindsey Chen Loves Pink video. Anyway, back to the point. If you are in need of running shoes, these are definitely ones that you should have! They are super cute and support Breast Cancer Awareness. I am actually thinking about buying these as having alternate training shoes for when i run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon! Also, why not add some cute pink clothing to go with it? After all, who wouldn’t want to work out in style?

Picture 2

Picture 3


Working Out Is Always Better With New Workout Wear

October 15, 2009

It’s so true. What could be a better motivator to hit the gym than a sassy new outfit? Maybe you go to the gym to pick up guys and you want to look great. Or maybe you love looking at yourself in the mirror at the gym and a fitted outfit just makes you want to push yourself harder than a baggy t-shirt. Whatever the case, new workout clothes are always a great motivator for me.

Lucky for you (and me), Target has a huge selection of C9 by Champion and they’re on SALE! Yes! So stock up now. Here are a few items UNDER $10!!! (If you bought all these items listed here, your total would be $30.54. WOW. Click the links below to get these before they sell out!)

Picture 1

Aqua Tank Top – $6.64

Picture 2

Reversible Raceback Bra – $9.48

Picture 4

French Terry Pants – $8.48

Picture 5

Mesh Camisole – $5.94

Goodbye Recession, Just SHOP IT TO ME!

October 7, 2009

Picture 2

We’re all slightly hurting from the recessions that’s been going on for what seems like FOREVER! But, ladies, no matter how much or how little we make, we should still be stylish, right?

That’s where Shop It To Me comes in. You sign up on their site and check all your favorite designer brands and they send you emails with what’s on sale for your specific brand! It’s great. You can tell them what size you wear so you only get notifications if they have it in your size, and you can choose to get emails however often you’d like. They have a ton of brands like Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Juicy, etc etc.

I love getting these emails – they always make my day and it saves me the time to have to scour the web and find great deals. Thanks Shop It To Me!

The Anytime / ALL the Time hoodie.

May 28, 2009

Picture 2I am perpetually a cold person, even when it’s pretty hot outside and sunny. I guess that’s no big shock since I had to move back to sunny California from cold New York. Anyway, I’m always looking for the perfect hoodie. My definition of the perfect hoodie is that it’s thin enough to wear ALL the time or layer, its super soft and cozy on my sensitive skin and it’s stretchy so that you can push up the arms and they actually stay.

People, look what I found at TARGET!

NOTE: Buy a size smaller if you like them snug because they will stretch out after continual use (which I know you’ll be doing!)

Free People

May 18, 2009

I think I’ve posted about Free People before but I’d like to reiterate how much I love their clothes. If you have a job there allows you to wear stylish, funky clothing, definitely check them out. I love their edgy colors and fun hippie-ish look. I just got a couple tanks from Nordstrom Rack. On sale and so worth it. BTW, love this tunic below – great for the office, family gatherings, shopping on the weekend, basically anything.


Love and Chic – Affordable designer clothing!

January 16, 2009


I recently found out about the website, Love and Chic. They have some amazing designer clothing for cheaper than what’s you’ll pay in stores or on other sites.


They’ve got everything from Armani, Juicy Miss Sixty, Diesel, Burberry to Gucci and more. I love Gucci and I saw this track suit and just had to have it. I got it in the mail (free DHL delivery) a couple days later and was totally impressed! Great site and very fast delivery.

And for all of you men, they have a WIDE array of men’s clothing as well. Next up on my list is this Juicy track suit and Miss Sixty top.. can’t wait to get ’em!


I’ve always dreamed of a Juicy suit… never been able to afford one. So this year, I really want to get one. Not yet though, as I don’t have the money, but maybe one day.


I absolutely LOVE this shirt. I’d never seen it before I saw it on this site and the print is so adorable. Not to mention, the long sleeves would be great for winter! This, as well is on my list.

Thank you SO MUCH Love and Chic for your awesome clothing and affordable prices. I will definitely be back!

Eat, Drink and Be Yummie!

January 15, 2009


Thank you to everyone who wrote in and said that I should try out Yummie Tummie.Well I did just what you suggested and I got myself one. I absolutely love the material and I can now see why you guys are big fans. I do admit, I don’t really have that much to conceal, however, today I’m wearing a skin tight tank top and super tight jeans. In fact, I just pulled them out of the dryer and they did feel a bit smaller than usual. (if it’s not the dryer, then it’s the holiday pies and cookies that I’ve been eating.) I slipped on my Yummie Tummie and voila! No more lumps, bumps or any buldges. Perfection!

And if you’re holiday has been anything like mine, remember to visit for a ton of recipes, ideas, widgets, photos and more and see how Yummie Tummie can be a part of your wardrobe, while secretly making you look slimmer and trimmer.

Someone was looking for you, I can’t remember who.. or when it was. Just wanted to give you the message.

January 6, 2009

If you know me, you know that I really need this shirt. And I’m in luck because unlike all the other shirts on that went up in $$, this one went down. Hmm interesting. It’s now $9.


Is Yummie Tummie really yummy?

December 19, 2008


Meet Yummie Tummie. The tank tops, shirts and long sleeves come in a variety of different colors, but it’s really whats in the middle that will excite you. From the top and bottom they are made or normal tank top material, however the waist is made of a tight fabric that will slim your waist and flatter your curves. Kinda like spanx for your midsection.. and pretty much everyone could use a little help with that. I know I need this because when I wear tops and I see that it’s all lumpy in the waist, I change clothes. They are a bit pricey, but I think well worth the price tag. Anyone else have luck with these???

Oooooh Cardigans!

December 19, 2008

I’ve been resisting the urge to buy more clothing – because my closet is packed and so is my dresser. However, I cannot resist the urge to search the web and web shop without buying. And I found this amazingly comfortable cardigan that’s loungy yet can be dressy on sale for only $20 at Macys! SCORE!


Which do you like best?

October 23, 2008

Leave me a comment below and tell me which sweater I should purchase. Both are from Gap and both are within the $48-$54 range – not a huge difference. The grey sweater also comes in light greyish-purple. Since I opened my credit card at Banana Republic, I have had the urge to shop at their sister stores. Hell, they even gave me a 10% off coupon. I am such a sucker.

Summer T-Shirt Recon by the Compai Girls!

August 15, 2008

I really love the Compai girls. They are creative, passionate and overall energetic and quirky. On today’s Threadbanger episode, they took a plain ‘ol wifebeater – ish tank top (P.S. why are they called wifebeaters?) and some scrap fabric to make it into a jazzy summer tank. I love this idea because it really doesn’t require much fabric ( you can probably use what you already have) and it literally takes minutes to do. Fabulous, I tell ya.

Plus they have a ton of other ideas and inspirations in their book series, 99 ways. Check that out!

My Favorite Wifebea… Uh.. Boyfriend Tank.

May 24, 2008

I’ll admit, I’ve gone through my share of wifebeaters. Cheap ones, cheaper ones, expensive ones.. and these are my favorite for these reasons:

  1. The low-cut-ness of the scoop neck is perfect, not too low, but very flattering
  2. The material does not stretch out after many wears so you don’t have to wash after every use
  3. The colors are HOT!

*These tanks come in a variety of different colors and are only $15.50! They’re on sale!

brilliant buys!

April 3, 2008

I know that you’ve all heard of Forever21. It seems like they’re having this brilliant buys thing going on where you can stock up on summer clothes for DIRT CHEAP. Check this out:

SKINNY JEANS: $12.50.  




Anchors Away!

May 24, 2007


So I’ve been noticing that the Nautical trend is coming back in style. From dresss to tank tops and plain ol’ tees, the anchor is everywhere.

You can find similar items like this on in Urban Outfitters or Kitson.

Ships ahoy matey!

Patchwork and Plaid!

April 20, 2007


Recently, I’ve been noticing a ton of patwork and plaid blouses and dresses on the racks. Plaid and patchwork prints is something that I really enjoy wearing because it not only is colorful and crazy, but it really can bring enough color to an outfit so you don’t need any other accessories. It’s also something that’s really fun. And I love fun clothes… especially when summer is right around the corner.

Another great thing about plaid and patchwork is that it hides the minor flaws and accidental spills on your shirt! Gotta love it!

Yellow and Cobalt Blue

February 21, 2007


Here’s a trend for Spring 2007: Yellow and Cobalt Blue. Yup….. these high voltage colors are on the fashion radar and should be on yours too! And if you need something to pair these colors with, try some gold accessories to soften to hue.

Today everything from men’s shoes to their watches and the sunglasses they wear and the handbags they endorse, constitute the image of a man.

Winter ’til Death

January 12, 2007


Hmm, not sure what that means, but that’s the name of this top. Yes, its one top but it looks like two! So it saves you the hassle of having to layer and it makes you look you made the effort. Plus, its a dress up / dress down top… so thre ya go..Two thumbs up for this Winter ‘Til Death top.

Summertime.. and the livin’s easy..

January 5, 2007


No, its really not summertime.. and who knows if your life is easy or not. But that’s not the point. Mother Nature is trying to confuse us that it’s really summer in January in New York. Its 60 degrees today. So I’m playing along and trying to confuse you with buying summer clothes. I’d really be confusing you, if I posted an ugly shirt, but this top is actually cute and fun (and pink!), so you may buy it and wait until it gets hot… really.

a pretty little top!

December 21, 2006


I took this picture (you can always tell the pictures I took because of my great photography skills) at 3rd Street Urban Outfitters. This shirt is called Kimchi and blue Embroidered Scallop Edge Blouse. I personally like it with a long sleeve shirt underneath, but you can also wear it solo for a fantastic look!