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Happy Mother's Day!

May 9, 2010

To all you wonderful Mothers out there…. Wishing you a fabulous and happy Mother’s Day! It’s because of you that we’re all here! Here’s a picture of me and my mom 🙂


I Need a Vacation!

March 16, 2009

Hi Everyone!


So as some or all of you might know, I have moved out of the Big Apple and into a small town called Springfield, MO – temporarily. I’ll only be here until end of April, then I’ll go to SD for a few months. However, my boyfriend, Andrew and I are planning a vacation and we can’t decide where we want to go. Either Costa Rica, Barbados, Nassau, Belize, or anywhere else tropics. Save Jamaica for when my parents are with us, since they are natives!

ANYWAY, I’ve been looking at Paradise Island in Nassau and it looks amazing and beautiful and not too far. Anyone have any advice??


i’m moving out of new york. where should i go?

February 12, 2009

Dear fashion readers…


Today in our monthly all team meeting at work, I announced that I’m leaving the company. In fact, I’m not only leaving the company, I’m moving the heck out of the state of New York. So there you have it. There are a couple reasons why I am leaving – I’m a California girl at heart and I really can’t handle more than 1 season year round, I thought I hated driving, but after 2.5 years, the luxury of hopping a car and getting from pont A to B without having to pay a cab driver actually appeals to me. Also, I’m ready for a change. I have a belief that one should live in a bunch of different places other than where they grew up before they settle down. They should live in a totally new and different type place than they’re used to just so they know what it.

In the fall of 2006, I moved to NYC on a whim, really. I’d never been here before I booked my plane ticket to meet with potential companies and find a place to live. I found a place in 4 days and moved here without friends or a job. Lucky, I landed a great gig at Frederator Studios and eventually when Next New Networks was formed, I migrated one floor up to that company. I’ve enjoyed working there every since. In fact, NNN was my life for the first year. I made all my friends through work and hung out with them 24/7. I don’t know how I never got sick of anyone. No, not even you, Ian, my bff. My intial plan was to live here for 1 year then move somewhere else however, I got sucked into staying and despite my crappy apartment situations (4 moves) and bad extreme weather, I loved my job. I came to the company not even knowing what a blog is to having 2 blogs! Learning is fun! I often think that I’ll never find a more fun environment or group of people that make me actually want to come to work. Even the Tumblr guys, David, Marco and co.

So today when I made my announcement, you can imagine how hard it was and how much I’m going to miss everyone. Even JF who I pick on and make fun of all day at work. You know what? Even Derek D.

Andrew is leaving New York with me. He’d been wanting to get out of NYC for quite a while now and pretty much stayed for me. In T-16 days we’ll be packed up, and I’ve got one day to rent a UHAUL, move out my entire apartment and drive to Missouri.

We have no idea what state we’re moving to. I’ve lived in 3 states so far, so pretty much 47 states are all a possibility. For the time being we’re going to squat in Andrew’s hometown of Springfield, Missouri with his parents (Thanks!) and leave our stuff there. We’re also going to squat at my parents house in Escondido (Thanks again!). During that time, we plan to vacation (I want to go to Thailand and/or Costa Rica) and visit a few cities that we are currently interested in (Portland, Austin, Nashville, Seattle, ??). My requirements are sunny, low cost of living, has internet/music/entertainment opportunities. I’ve really been to any one of these states, so we’re looking forward to visiting and exploring. We’ll probably make the final move mid to end of summer and until then, we’ll doing odd jobs to make some extra cash and living off of what we’ve been saving.

But for right now, we’ll be here until the end of the month (selling a bunch of furniture if you need it!) and will probably have a going away party of some sorts on the Thursday before. You’re all invited. Even you Liam (you better be there). So if anyone has any tips or suggestions on where we should move and why, I’d love to hear them. We’re very open minded. Email me at

(Don’t worry…. I’ll still be blogging about awesome fashion… this time from around the world in my travels 😉

Top 10 Things to NOT do on Valentine’s Day…

February 2, 2009

I wrote a post with Bill Cammack on Top 10 things to NOT do on Valentine’s Day…..whether you hate the holiday, love it or don’t even think it should be considered a holiday, check out the post!

Here’s a preview:

6. Don’t *NOT* send her flowers at work

L: You see, there’s an unspoken game that goes on at everyone’s work on Valentine’s Day. It’s called “My boyfriend/husband loves me more than yours does.” When the flower guy comes to deliver flowers, all the women’s heads shoot up thinking, “I hope they’re for me.” Of course, if you’re the person that doesn’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day, everything thinks, “She must be in a fight” or “He must not really love her.” You want your girlfriend to feel like the most special girl every and everyone to envy her at work. Then she’ll win the game. That’s how it works. And if you can’t afford $100 flowers (because that’s how much they cost on V day) then buy some from a flower shop and have your friend (who no one in her office knows) deliver them. Throw in a cupcake and your’re golden.

B: I was going to say this one in my five. This is EXTREMELY CRITICAL. First of all, you HAVE TO send them to her job. Second, you HAVE TO send them EARLY, so her girlfriends sweat her all day while she feels comfortable and loved and NOT ANXIOUS as far as whether she’s gonna get hers before the whistle blows @ 5pm. Third, like Lindz said… Go BIG or Go HOME!!! If you can’t shell out the ducats for the flower shop action, go to any ghetto area and look for a store with a fruit stand. Roses will be either $1 per or $2 per. Either way, $50 or less gets you two dozen long-stemmed roses, wrapped. Get your boy to deliver them and get ready to be treated like a *KING* after she gets out of work. D

Read the entire post here….

Christmas in NYC!

December 8, 2008

I spent my Sunday watching Sunday Night Football and posing for some cute Christmas pictures in our matching JCrew onesie PJs. Also, Andrew and I visited the tree at Rockafellar Center. Gotta love it!

25% off Victoria’s Secret Coupon

November 7, 2008

Just to let everyone know, that until next Monday Nov 10th, get 25% off a single item from Victoria’s Secret online by typing in the promo code “25ITEM”

Now you can buy some of my favorite lounge pants below! 🙂

Good luck!

How much pink is too pink?

November 2, 2008

Ever since pink became more of a trend than a mere way to support the breast cancer cause, people all over have been capitalizing on this new phenomenon. I, for one, have been a huge supported of the color pink since I can remember and because more and more companies have pink items, I’m thrilled. But how much pink (in and out of your kitchen) is too much?

Where do you draw the line if you live with a guy? I live with my boyfriend, but I still can’t help buying things like the above, or pink coffee makers, etc!

10 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Get a Girl

July 30, 2008

Guys – so you’re single and you are trying so hard to get a girl, but there’s just no success?

Here’s one tip – You’re NOT following the rules.

Here are some tips from Bill and me….. GOOD LUCK.

Nah, I don’t really know much about fashion….

July 30, 2008

…or anything for that matter!

I’m writing this post to clarify previous posts. I don’t preach about knowing everything there is to know about fashion. I can hardly name 10 top designers. Ok, 5. I don’t buy expensive clothes because I don’t make enough money for that. I buy knock-offs. Yes, I said it. Not exactly for the print, but because they are cheap. I have a very strong personality and this comes off in my posts. I’m honest and blunt. If I think the dress looks bad, I’m going to tell you. If I think you are too skinny, I’ll tell you that too.

I like to write, but I have one rule. And that’s that you let me write about whatever I want, wherever I want and whenever I want. If you want to write a bad comment because you have a different opinion than what I do, please go ahead. Just know that bad comments and negativity aren’t going to deter me from writing what I feel. Hope you have a nice day.

Tanning Salons.. why so expensive?

May 21, 2008

I’m just going to rant about how expensive it is to get a good tan. I hate this weather in New York. It’s May (almost June) and it’s freakin’ cold and rainy outside. WHAT THE HELL? I went to my local tanning salon on my way home, but first – I checked online to see if they were offering first time user deals. NOPE. I know – tanning isn’t good for you at all, but for me I can justify it because I only got about 5 times per year. And I rarely ever tan outside. This specific tanning salon had an unlimited monthly special for $34 bucks but they lock you in to have to sign a year contract. THIS ISN’T A GYM! They are locking you in to get skin cancer! HOLY $%#&!!!

I eventually signed up for a 5x use for $50. Still a rip off, but I figured since it was a one time use, it would be OK. When I used to live in LA, tanning was like $3 a tan! When did being so tan become so expensive?

Calling all single women in NYC (and other places too!)

April 24, 2008

.. If you’re a single woman in NYC, yet you go on a bunch of dates, you may be doing something wrong.

Let’s face it, there are tons of girls who make stupid stupid mistakes and wonder why they aren’t single. Ladies, listen up, you’re not the only fish in the sea. And, you “don’t make friends with salad!”

Read this awesome post by Bill Cammack on a Woman’s Guide to NYC.

If you had all the money in the world…..

April 24, 2008

… what would you do? Ok, so I don’t mean all the money in the world.. but maybe 20 million. Hmm.. I often think that I’d live my life pretty much the same way, but I wouldn’t be forced to buy the small coffee instead of the large, or hem my own pants, just to realize they come undone 3 weeks later.

I mean, don’t get me wrong… I love to shop, but I really can’t afford much right now. I would love a pair of Manolo Blahniks, but truth be told, I’d probably feel awkward and selfish wearing such a high priced shoe… that really can’t be THAT much better than the $50 shoes that I bought 5 years ago on sale at Steve Madden, is it?

A girl can look, right? I just love those Christian Louboutin shoes also!!! So fancy!! Yup, I guess I’m just a normal city girl.

Top 10 Ways to Save the Earth on Earth Day!

April 21, 2008

Hey all you environmentally conscious people. Tomorrow is Earth Day!!! You probably already know it. If you’re not already actively practicing environmentally safe and effiecient procedures for the earth, head on over to Threadbanger and check out my post on 10 ways you can save the Earth!

rachel bilson. she’s awesome.

April 15, 2008

I grew up literally less than a mile from Rachel Bilson. She went to high-school within walking distance from my house. I really love her. She’s beautiful and in pretty much every picture, she looks good. She’s got great style and even when she wears a t-shirt and jeans, she looks good!! Who are your style icons?

It’s Spa Week in New York!

October 3, 2007

Calling all hardworking, on the go, busy ladies!

This week in NYC (and other East Coast cities) is SPA WEEK! This means that all participating spas in New York (and other East Coast cities) are offering 3 of their services for a mere $50 bucks! This includes anything from a classic swedish massage to a mani / pedi, wax, tan, facial, micro peel, etc, etc. And if you’re lucky, some spas are extending this offer for the entire month of October!

So hurry, because spaces are limited and book your appointment NOW at


Beach BEACH beach!!!!!

June 28, 2007

It’s officially summer time – yes it’s been over 90 degrees in New York City for the past few days and you know what that means??? Tanning and beach! But before you hit the sun, there are some thing that you need to bring with you to look your best.

Here are the top 5 things that I recommend:

1. A great sunscreen, SPF of at least 30 is recommended. I like Aveeno because it’s sensitive on the skin, goes on smoothly and doesn’t run. It’s also oil free, non greasy and waterproof!


2. Lip Balm with SPF. You may not think so, but it’s really important to keep those puckers from being chapped. I like this one by B. Kamins because the SPF is really high = very important.


3. Blotting papers. There are a MUST HAVE. Even just for your everyday use. With the hot sun, you don’t want your makeup running or looking too shiny. Here’s the solution:boscia.jpg

4. Waterproof mascara. Being at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t wear mascara. In fact it that subtle accent that will make you look even more fabulous. Dior’s Diorshow is amazing because it really doesn’t run if you go for a swim.


5.  After Sun Moisturizer. Ladies (and Gents), this is VERY important. Apply immediately after leaving the sun. It not only protects your tan, but it replenishes you skin with vitamins and keeps it nourshed from the harsh sun.  Clarins makes  great after sun lotion – the lotion makes your skin feel refreshed.


So grab a hold of these items, and let’s hit the beach! 

Maker Faire

May 1, 2007


Bay Area: May 19 & 20, 2007
San Mateo Fairgrounds

A two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful folks who like to tinker and love to make things. We call them Makers.

Featuring: The Crucible • Swap-O-Rama-Rama • Bazaar Bizarre • Cyclecide • Combat Robots • Power Tool Drag Racing • Exploratorium • Live Music • Shipyard • Flaming Lotus Girls • Life-Sized Mousetrap • TechShop • Neverwas Haul • Silicon Death Valley • MAKE Play Day

Purchase Maker Faire tickets in advance and save! Bay Area Maker Faire is Saturday, May 19, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday, May 20, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

BIKINI Giveaway!!!!

April 9, 2007


It’s summer time and what does that mean?? Time to buy a new bikini!!! Well, you’re in luck, because The Lingerie Post is giving away a bikini from

All you gotta do to win is go to the website and pick our your favorite combination of a top and bottom. Then, email and tell them why you picked the suit you liked the best and why you should win it!!! Oh and remember, tell them who sent ya!


It’s not what you wear. It’s how you wear it.

March 6, 2007







Throughout the last few decades, fashion has taken the wildest ride. From punk to preppy, funky to chic, retro to hip hop, there is always something new style ready to take over the last trend. I strongly believe that fashion is really just a state of mind. I overheard someone the other day saying that they loved this new retro looking dress, but just couldn’t pull it off.

I wanted to yell at her and say YES YOU CAN!!! There are millions of people wearing retro and to tell you the truth, half of them don’t look good in it, but they pull it off because when they wear it, their attitude is, I look damn good in this and I don’t care what you think.

So for all you insecure fashion addicts, go out there, buy what you like and most importantly own it.

That’s your lesson for today.

The UK’s best kept secret….

March 5, 2007


Years ago when I’d visit my relatives in London, I’d look forward to hit the streets of London and get my shop on. I’d hit up stores like Top Shop, Selfridges and of course, H&M. I’d come back to LA as the best dressed fashion victim around. And now, H&M is all over the place in the US.

This weekend, I could not escape H&M. It haunted me on every block I walked on. If you’ve never been to an H&M, stop reading my blog now and GO. But of course you’ve been to one — unless of course you live in Antartica. They have the best clothes for work, hanging out and all around ANYTHING, and they are sold at a cheap price. Though this is one of my new favorite store, and its not my best kept secret anymore!