More about me: Hello. Nice to meet you.

My name is Lindsey and I live in the wonderful bustling, busy, crazy, unique city of New York. Really, its quite a dream come true to be able to walk around the city, meet fabulous new (and eclectic) people and well… just see as the new trends evolve at my fingertips. I’m an LA girl (originally from the Valley) and this is definitely an adventure of a lifetime for me. I like to explore new places, try everything at least once, and be spontaneous.

If you like what you see, let me know, but more importantly, if you have any suggesstions, I’m always open to new fashion ideas. After all…. fashion is in the eye of the beholder….

A little more about myself:

Ok, so I’m, updating my site a bit. I’ve now lived in New York for about 2.5 years now. It’s really amazing to be able to say that and I feel truly lucky and grateful for this opportunity. Truthfully, I fully expected to only stay here for about a year. I wasn’t sure I could take the cold weather. I’m on my 4th apartment and live with my boyfriend, Andrew. We live in Spanish Harlem and it’s not the BEST place, but I love it. It’s quiet, and we have a big spacious 2 bedroom apartment only blocks away from the subway. I work at a wonderful and exciting new media company called Next New Networks. Specifically I am the community manager for 2 shows – Threadbanger which is DIY Fashion and TMI Weekly which is a girl’s talk show. On my free time (and to keep all my friends and family back at home updated) I keep a personal blog where I blog about anything from my crazy adventures, favorite songs of the moments, weird conversations, and weekend activities to funny and amusing things on the internet that I find. It’s fun to write and it’s it’ll give you a glimpse of my personal life, so be prepared! I update it pretty frequently and I love to get emails and feedback so bring it!

This is said boyfriend, Andrew. We both went to college together at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, yet we didn’t meet until we both moved (separately) to New York a few years later at a mutual friends’ party. It must have been fate because we’ve been inseparable ever since.


10 Responses to “More about me: Hello. Nice to meet you.”

  1. sean Says:

    My apparel line deathhippie, you might or might not like

  2. Jennifer B. Says:

    Hello. My first time here but looks interesting. Looking forward to updates. Ciao’

  3. miranda Says:

    your blog is so cool. im just starting one.

  4. Ian Says:

    You need to post more often…

  5. JD Says:

    I really like your taste in clothes! Cool Blog

  6. Kaipo Says:

    Hey Lindsey…a few months ago you had some kind words about our site. I would like to send you a promo subscripton for a few months worth of product. Please send your address and size. Thanks again, and if you have any ideas or helping me promote my site I would love to hear them.


  7. Rob Says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    Just wanted to let you know how disturbing it is to find a blog about someone buying counterfeit merchandise. Have fun on Canal buying bootleg shit!

  8. June Says:

    Ello! Your blog looks lovely, I don’t even know what I was wandering around on the web for, but I came across this and you seem like a doll! Keep up the good work 🐱 xo

  9. Cyrus Says:

    Researching for my clothing line, I came across your blog. Very impressive.

    My line is called “live wild” and I want to how to get such apparel in your hands for you to critique.

  10. Tina K. Says:

    My first time visiting today and really enjoyed reading tidbits on savings and the naturally oriented product finds. I have sensitive skin and psoriasis. I find the Emu oil soothing and love it. I grew up in LA area and lived in NY for 6 years but, back in LA ( SoCal) again πŸ™‚ I am looking for some non chemical sunscreen (SPF 30+) that doesn’t have any nano particles and hopefully minimal numbers of ingredients( even the natural flower and plants gives me reaction.) If you come across any appreciate the post. Anyway, thanks & will bookmark this blog so I can visit often!

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