Bridesmaid Dresses: A perfect style for everyone!

September 17, 2010

I have a couple friends who are getting married in the next year and all of them seem to have the same dilemma. You would think location, guest list or cost would be part of the problem, but NO! It’s the bridesmaid dresses. One of the hardest part of finding a bridesmaid dresses is finding a style to fit all kinds of shapes and sizes. And since you’re essentially asking them to pay for it, you should try to find one that they will actually wear again. That’s being a considerate bride, and they will be sure to thank you later for that πŸ™‚

Something casual like this dress above is a great find. Not only is a darker jewel-toned color great for most skin tones, but it’s classy and has a touch of decoration. Plus it comes in an array of colors!

This dress above is more of a flirty style and the cut is also great for most body types. Not to mention the color. I love this red. It’s so bright and vibrant! And a good thing about this color is that it’s great for both summer and fall weddings.

What are some of your suggestions for bridesmaid dresses? Have you ever been a bridesmaid – what was your most/least favorite part about your dress? Leave your answers in the comments!


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