How Do You Store Your Jewelry?

January 8, 2010

That is the question for today. How do you store your jewelry? I have so much jewelry saved up and when I throw it in a box, they necklaces get all tangled! This pretty cute Bird Vine jewelry stand (from Urban Outfitters) is a great idea, but doesn’t seem like it holds much. I know a ton of you out there have atons of jewelry, so how do you store it? Leave it in the comments below!


3 Responses to “How Do You Store Your Jewelry?”

  1. Edith Frost Says:

    Funny, I just ran up against that problem myself! 45 years old and all my jewelry is stuffed into 3 dusty little Hello Kitty containers so I can’t find anything. I finally decided it was worth the investment to protect my nice things, so I ordered one of these jewelry armoires, supposed to arrive today: They have a larger one that holds even more necklaces in the side compartments. I probably should’ve gotten that one. πŸ˜‰

  2. I made a “rack” in which I hang up my necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, rings, etc.
    I went out and found this wired thing, I think it’s actually used to hang up shoes (by the heels). So I just covered that up with the fabric that is used to do needle-point.
    In those little holes I insert my earrings.
    I also got little hooks to insert into those holes and it is there where I hang up everything else… when I get my camera back, I’ll photograph it and I’ll put the photo on my blog (:

  3. mineralizer Says:

    I just put mine on a jewelry box, or in the cabinets’ drawer. The Bird Vine jewelry stand is really a great idea, as well as a great decoration on your room table while your accessories or jewelries hanging on it. If you need them, they are readily available instead of taking them out in a box.

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