7 Must Have Thanksgiving Gadgets

November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday and it’s right around the corner. YAY! These gadgets are sure to make your Thanksgiving dinner a definite hit. With these clever yet subtle accents to the dinner table such as the necktie napkins or the plate for the person “in-between” tables, they are sure to be a conversation starter and keep everyone in good spirits!

Dress For Dinner Napkins

Since most Thanksgiving celebrations start on Wednesday about 5 minutes after you leave work  (hey… a 4 Day weekend… how often does that happen?) it might be a little rough to roll out of the sack when the dinner bell is rung on Thursday. Just tack one of these napkins under your unshaven chin and over your 2-Day Tee, pop on a Unabomber FBI custody sports jacket and you’re all set!

Plate For People Who Sit Between

Since you rolled out of bed drunk and slapped on that crappy tie, you’ll probably be rewarded with a seat at the awkward joining of mismatched tables. No worries! This plate automatically compensates for the difference in table height and gives you an edge over the other suckers who the host wishes would have stayed home… like the kids.

The Glass Tank

Now that you’re stuck in that awkward spot with no leg room and next to the kiddies, you won’t want to have to get up too often or reach to refill your drink. In fact, the less you have to interact with anyone, the better! That’s why this never ending wine glass comes in real handy. By the time you drain this beauty no one will even notice you haven’t asked for seconds.

For more great Thanksgiving Gadget Must Haves, head on over to EgoTV.


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