Mixed Chicks Hair Care…. a great find for everyone!

November 11, 2009

I ran into the found of Mixed Chicks, Kim, at my gym. I overheard her talking about her company so I asked her about it. First of all, Kim is wonderful and beautiful and has this hair care company that she told me about. Of course, I was dying to try it. After all, Halle Berry raves about this stuff! A couple weeks later, I got some hair products in the mail. Now, let me begin with saying that Mixed Chicks is typically made for people of mixed descent who have frizzy and unmanageable hair. I have straight, thin hair. So I gave some of the products to my cousin who has got very tight curls and my boyfriend whose hair looks like a brillo pad, to say the least. I did use some and I’m hooked, so this stuff, while made for curly haired people, is also great for people with thin – straight hair!


I tried the shampoo and deep conditioner. Let me say, I have stopped using all the organic product that I’ve sworn by in the past because this takes the cake. Why? The shampoo is super lathery and is a great deep clean. Plus, I love the smell- it smells like a fancy hair salon. Yes, that’s the best I can come up with!


The deep conditioner is a wonder. My hair is really long and usually I have to use TONS of conditioner to detangle and still my hair comes out in knots. This deep conditioner is so strong that you only need a dime size – literally – I am not kidding. It detangles and smells great. My own beef with this is that I wish it came in a squeeze bottle. I hate having to unscrew the tub every time.

I gave the leave in conditioner to my cousin as well as a sample set which included both of the above and the hair silk serum. She loves it all, and notes that the leave in conditioner is a bit thick, so you really have to work it in, but works wonders, nonetheless. And LADIES, the HIS MIX is perfect for your man. Same great smell as the Mixed Chicks for you. The best part is that you can use it too when you’re at his house!


4 Responses to “Mixed Chicks Hair Care…. a great find for everyone!”

  1. mulattoxbeauty Says:

    I have been using mixed chicks products for going on a year now, & it is very healthy for my natural curls. there is no other hair care product available that is made especially for mixed multiracial americans. The product is simply wonderful.

  2. urbanupdater Says:

    Hey Mulattoxbeauty, what is your favorite product of theirs?

  3. F. Apple Says:

    Here is a link to Kim Etheredge & Wendi Levy (Mixed Chicks) on Tavis Smiley’s Radio show: http://www.tavissmileyradio.com/guests10/030510/WendiLevy_KimEtheredge.html

  4. chrissystina Says:

    How you just gonna run into someone like that at the gym??!! LOL

    That’s fantastic. I haven’t tried their products. I’m always very wary (multiple “pro-curly” product dissapointment) for hair products that advertise that they are for curls. They just never seem to work out for me:-/
    The founders are gorgeous!

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