Michael Kors has BAD Customer Service

November 10, 2009

Picture 1I got my first pair of designer sunglasses for a gift last year – Michael Kors NEVIS in tortoise shell. I was super happy to get them, but noticed that they kept falling off my head and the ones at the store didn’t. I put them away because I did not want them to get lost. Finally I decided to take them back to see if they could be tightened and the store clerk told me that they were defected and I should return them to get a new pair. Because they are defected in the hinges, they are more suWhen I called emailed customer service, I kept getting transferred to different departments. Finally, someone from Marchon called me back and said that I would have to mail them back on my own dime, with tracking, and pay to get them fixed.

This is an outrage from a “high end” designer like Michael Kors. If I broke the glasses, then I can understand paying for them. Because I got them defected, that is their fault, not mine! How rude of them to ask me to pay to fix glasses that already cost about $100!

Does anyone else have bad customer service stories to share? Leave them in the comments below!


11 Responses to “Michael Kors has BAD Customer Service”

  1. Bill Says:

    The MK store on Madison Ave totally sucks. Brought my wife there to shop today. Crappy overpriced clothing. Self-absorbed “designer” sales people who work hard to make you feel like they are doing YOU a favor to sell you expensive junk. Waited 30 min for someone who was WILLING to take $675 for a handbag that we had picked out ourselves while they were fawning over someone buying a $200 pair of sunglasses. We will never shop the store again and never ever buy MK brand at any store.

  2. urbanupdater Says:

    Thanks for your story with MK Bill. Note to self: Stay out of the MK store on Madison Ave.

    PS: Marc Jacobs is much better anyways! 🙂

  3. Peggy Jacobson Says:

    I bought Michael Kor handbag. the emblem on the front fell off and the store replaced it. They want the receipt. Clearly a defective bag should be replaced. Dooney always takes their back for repair or replacement.

  4. Susan Fencil Says:

    I was on vacation Jan.6-12 in Arizona. We went to the Michael Kors store at the Fashion Mall in Scottsdale. We worked with Kimberly. She was aweseome… Outstanding… She had great customer service. She should be applauded for her great work with people. We were very pleased. I even got a hand written note from her. That was a surprise. I loved it.
    Good job Kimberly. I hope we can visit that store again in the future. We were treated very well.

  5. Tracy Says:

    I bought a handbag and a jacket from the Michael Kors store at The Grove in LA in the fall of 2008. The handbag, which was around $400, and the jacket, $200. The handbag had been prominently featured in their fall print ad campaign. It is a winter bag, and was used for a couple of months. The handle, which is braided patent leather is completely coming apart. I have been to the store twice. The first time, they were so rude, I left. The second time, they offered to send the bag off for a repair that I would have to pay for to a repair place not affiliated with Michael Kors. I no longer have the receipt, but the sales people change so frequently at the store, none of them had ever seen this bag. The jacket had a big slash in it that looks like it occurred when the theft tag was removed. I just repaired that myself. For this amount of money it is ludicrous that they have a limited one-year warranty on their products, and require the receipt! The store keeps a copy in their files of purchases, which they refused to look up. Dooney & Bourke as well as Coach guarantee their products for a lifetime, and will replace with a new item of equal value at no cost. Instead of doing Project Runway, maybe Michael should be a little more involved in quality control of his products.
    As for Susan that had the positive experience shopping, let’s hope that there is nothing wrong with her merchandise, then see what happens.

    • urbanupdater Says:

      Hi Tracy!! I had that exact same problem! I bought a bag for about $350 and no more than 3 months later (and I don’t wear it hard), the stitching was all broken and coming out! It was not what I expected. Fortunately, they did give me a brand new bag, but the SAME THING HAPPENED!! I do agree that MK needs to have better quality products for the price or else I’m switching to Marc Jacobs permanently!

  6. Min Su Kim Says:

    I asked MK custom service to replace my bag.
    And they agreed. But, they have not kept this promise since the ealry of Feb.
    Now is the Mid of March. They just say they will ship it. But not.

  7. brenda hilt Says:

    i feel everyone of u guys commit i myself has been tryin to get info about gettin a michael kors bag repaired as of yet they keep giving me other contact numbers as well.i work for coach handbags.iv’e had customer’s come back in the store to say they’ve gotten their bag repaired or coach gave them a credit back that they can spend in the store. if their bag gets any type of damages.fortunately i’ve never had to return one i’ve been a coach customer since 1998 and will forever be one.i will never ever buy another michael kors bag.

  8. TRISH Says:

    I purchased a Michael Kors watch almost 400.00 I had it about a week noticed the glass had a scratch on it then the next day the diamond fell out. I aasked te company to replace my watch or at least fix the diamond, I can live with the small scratch. They told me “NO” that is not covered under warranty and there is nothing they can do -so now I have a defective watch and I lost out about 400.00 and I am not happy. I work to hard for my money as a singal mom raising three kids I just wanted to treat myself to something nice and it backfired- I wonder who I can contact to handle this matter properly. I keep gettting the rn around and I just want my money back or my watched replace or fixed but do something for me. I would have never bought this watch if I have known they would never fix or replace something that broke a week later.

    • urbanupdater Says:

      Hey Trish! thanks for your comment and letting us know. I would recommend contacting Michael Kors corporate offices. When my glasses were defective, I ended up contacting them and they did actually fix it for me. I think that you have a good case for your watch and especially since you paid all that money, you should be buying a quality product. They should totally stand behind that, or else, that is truly bad customer service. Without us customers, they wouldn’t have a business!

  9. B Plaskett Says:

    I’m delighted! I bought a high end Michael Kors Pushlock Hand bag, but the MK emblem was missing. The bag was discounted because of the missing emblem. I left a message about my problem at Michael Kors customer service. I offered to purchase the missing emblem. A nice lady by the name of Carmen returned my call within an hour and gave me specific instructions on where to send my bag for repair. My bag was returned to me in less than a month in beautiful condition at no charge and they even included a dust bag. I’m very pleased with the excellent service. This is a bag I will cary for years to come. Please do not share my email address with any one!

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