Ugliest Dresses from Urban Outfitters

October 10, 2009

Urban Outfitters is so wishy-washy. Sometimes, they have cute stuff, and other times they have obscure hipster vintage crap that is way too overpriced. I’m a smart shopper so I only go there for the deals. But sometimes even the deals, and especially the dresses makes you think, “What were they thinking?”

Here’s my pick of the top 3 ugliest dresses from Urban Outfitters. Looks like their designers need to get back to the drawing board on these!


1. Looks like they got this floral print on-sale (at least I hope they did) because it hasn’t been around since the 80’s and early 90’s. Oh, and since when did throwing a zipper in the front of a dress become flattering?


2. Urban Outfitters idea of trying to make a Stewardess uniform more mainstream. No, I take that back, I’m being unfair to the Stewardess uniforms with this ugly piece of $&#*. There you have it again with the zipper and this polyester/nylon looking blend. You couldn’t have gotten more cheap, shapeless and just so boring.


3. If I wanted to look like an eggplant for Halloween, I would consider buying this. But then, taking into consideration its overpriced-ness, I would have to object. This shapeless frock makes skinny people look fat and fat people look fatter. I can’t understand why you would spend money on this pathetic excuse for a dress when Ralphs is giving away free grocery bags .


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