August 26, 2009

I can’t really afford expensive sunglass – well I guess it’s not that I can’t afford them, it’s that I choose not to wear them because usually what ends up happening is that I break them or leave them somewhere. Still, a girl can dream, right?

I love that Macy’s has a guide to buying sunglasses. Based on the size and shape of your face, it suggessts different styles that would compliment your facial structure.

Picture 1

My favs are these by Marc Jacobs. And before you critisize me for my expensive taste, just know that I am currently wearing $5 knock off Ray Bans from Chinatown in NYC. Ha!

Picture 3

“My friend once told me that the size of a girl’s sunglasses are inversely proportionate to their personality. is that true?”


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  1. mbt Says:

    The company that makes โ€œphysiological footwearโ€ named itself Masai Barefoot Technology, which is so long and cryptic that it was shortened to MBT, effectively stripping away all meaning from the name.

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