Top 10 PINK Cars!

May 30, 2009

I am looking for a new car and you all know how much I love pink. Here are some of my top favorites:

1. Pink Corvette


2. Not sure what this car is.. Toyota? Nissan?


3. VW Bug!

Picture 2

4. Pink Modified Honda? Hmm…

pink car

5. Talk about bottlenose…. it’s the Pink Panther!


6. Corvette II


7. Audi TT Coupe: Cute, but bad visibility


8. Pinky Smart Car

Picture 1

9. Ford Thunderbird.. just had to make the list.


10. A mini Mini!


Ok so there you have it. Pink cars galore! If there anything that I missed of you have an awesome pink car that you’d like to submit, PLEASE let me know! Email me at lindsey g chen at

Also, which is your favorite?


25 Responses to “Top 10 PINK Cars!”

  1. Poster Girl Says:

    The Bug is so cute, but so is the Audi.

  2. kars Says:

    very good thanks

  3. mia kayla12 Says:

    ahhhhh!!!! i love the corvette.ill have to have my daddy bye it for me. itll match my pink hot tub…

  4. LATTE Says:

    i lyk duhh pink modified honda

  5. bprincess Says:

    i think all ten cars are beautiful i luv the bug. and the honda

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  7. Danial Ress Says:

    Pink Modified!!!

  8. Danial Ress Says:

    Thats not a honda!!!!! But the modified car should be pink.

  9. panther Says:

    the modded cars a mr2 toyota!! and looks pretty sharp!! wound if i could get away with it????

  10. Emi Says:

    Number 2 is a Nissan Micra C+C.

  11. Marisa Says:

    the corvette is my favoritee !!!
    i want a pink car… i might be getting it painted pink here in a few weeks actually
    im so excited

  12. whitney Says:

    Love the list. (The pink “honda” looks more like a Toyota MR2 Spyder)

  13. mineralizer Says:

    All the cars were pretty in pink. The pink Honda was totally awesome but what caught my attention in the list is the bottlenose, Pink Panther. Looks like a rocket ship, and wondering how it feels to drive it around the city. Maybe everyone is looking at me.

  14. نازنین Says:

    سلام فکر نکنم فارسی بلد باشی com website

  15. LadyFabulous17 Says:

    I love pink and pink cars and pink panthers and just about everything pink but these cars are especially cool!!! 🙂

  16. Freddy Says:

    HI just to let you know which car is what:
    2. Nissan Micra
    5. Toyota MR2

    Nice shots! we have some Jeep Liberty’s in Mexico, also Chevy Malibu (some cosmetics co.). DO NOT FORGET Elvis’ Cadillac elDorado. Cheers ! Loved your post.

  17. romeo Says:


  18. jada Says:

    nie cars

  19. dicker Says:

    they iz all cute

  20. sakurachan Says:

    so cute..i like it bebeh!!..

  21. Yoatzin93 Says:

    Girl!!! “all of YO Pink look HOT & SEXY, but da 1’c I LUV iz da: Toyota? Nissan?, Pink Modified Honda?, Audi TT Coupe, Pinky Smart Car,& da A mini Mini! “Almost everything of da list”
    “Girl I wish had all ur Pink Caez”

  22. jenn todd Says:

    thats not a honda

  23. jay Says:

    you can see fine out of the audi tt….
    dumd ass…..

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