Hands Free Handbags, please!

May 8, 2009

After owning so many over the shoulder handbags and being in many situations where they just keep falling off my shoulder, I’ve decided in becoming more practical for my everyday handbag use. Fossil has so many crossbody purses that keep you in style while being hands free. Plus check out the many pockets for all the extra storage use. Which one is your favorite?

Paige Butterfly Crossbody


Talita Crossbody


Weekender Print Crossbody



4 Responses to “Hands Free Handbags, please!”

  1. diana Says:

    Hands Free Handbags, please!PLEASE SEND ME FREE MY ADRESS IS
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  2. I like the Talita. The color and stitching detail is chic and the solid color will go with lots of things. I’m not a pastel fan b/c light colors do not look good on my skin, but I do like the pocket detail on the weekender. 🙂

  3. Silvia Says:

    I can totally identify with the problem of handbags sliding off my shoulder. I love crossbody bags for that reason, and I also prefer them because they usually are smaller in size. I love all the bags you show here, I just can’t make up my mind which one I like best!

  4. Beebee Says:

    Those bags are beautiful but they still hurt your shoulder! I lke the Cha Cha bag at http://www.chachabag.com.au. It’s funky ancool and you can even go out dancing with it.

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