i’m moving out of new york. where should i go?

February 12, 2009

Dear fashion readers…

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Today in our monthly all team meeting at work, I announced that I’m leaving the company. In fact, I’m not only leaving the company, I’m moving the heck out of the state of New York. So there you have it. There are a couple reasons why I am leaving – I’m a California girl at heart and I really can’t handle more than 1 season year round, I thought I hated driving, but after 2.5 years, the luxury of hopping a car and getting from pont A to B without having to pay a cab driver actually appeals to me. Also, I’m ready for a change. I have a belief that one should live in a bunch of different places other than where they grew up before they settle down. They should live in a totally new and different type place than they’re used to just so they know what it.

In the fall of 2006, I moved to NYC on a whim, really. I’d never been here before I booked my plane ticket to meet with potential companies and find a place to live. I found a place in 4 days and moved here without friends or a job. Lucky, I landed a great gig at Frederator Studios and eventually when Next New Networks was formed, I migrated one floor up to that company. I’ve enjoyed working there every since. In fact, NNN was my life for the first year. I made all my friends through work and hung out with them 24/7. I don’t know how I never got sick of anyone. No, not even you, Ian, my bff. My intial plan was to live here for 1 year then move somewhere else however, I got sucked into staying and despite my crappy apartment situations (4 moves) and bad extreme weather, I loved my job. I came to the company not even knowing what a blog is to having 2 blogs! Learning is fun! I often think that I’ll never find a more fun environment or group of people that make me actually want to come to work. Even the Tumblr guys, David, Marco and co.

So today when I made my announcement, you can imagine how hard it was and how much I’m going to miss everyone. Even JF who I pick on and make fun of all day at work. You know what? Even Derek D.

Andrew is leaving New York with me. He’d been wanting to get out of NYC for quite a while now and pretty much stayed for me. In T-16 days we’ll be packed up, and I’ve got one day to rent a UHAUL, move out my entire apartment and drive to Missouri.

We have no idea what state we’re moving to. I’ve lived in 3 states so far, so pretty much 47 states are all a possibility. For the time being we’re going to squat in Andrew’s hometown of Springfield, Missouri with his parents (Thanks!) and leave our stuff there. We’re also going to squat at my parents house in Escondido (Thanks again!). During that time, we plan to vacation (I want to go to Thailand and/or Costa Rica) and visit a few cities that we are currently interested in (Portland, Austin, Nashville, Seattle, ??). My requirements are sunny, low cost of living, has internet/music/entertainment opportunities. I’ve really been to any one of these states, so we’re looking forward to visiting and exploring. We’ll probably make the final move mid to end of summer and until then, we’ll doing odd jobs to make some extra cash and living off of what we’ve been saving.

But for right now, we’ll be here until the end of the month (selling a bunch of furniture if you need it!) and will probably have a going away party of some sorts on the Thursday before. You’re all invited. Even you Liam (you better be there). So if anyone has any tips or suggestions on where we should move and why, I’d love to hear them. We’re very open minded. Email me at lindseygchen@gmail.com.

(Don’t worry…. I’ll still be blogging about awesome fashion… this time from around the world in my travels 😉


5 Responses to “i’m moving out of new york. where should i go?”

  1. ShadowX Says:

    Hello I Have Seen An Awesome Site which fullfills all our needs its http://www.ecomplete.blogspot.com

  2. Julianne Says:

    Here’s a random idea –

    Land O’ Lakes, Florida

    (right above/in Tampa, weather is warm, you need to drive to get places, && the cost of living is cheap)

  3. Poster Girl Says:

    Change is good! I’ve been to Austin, and I enjoyed the live music scene, the inexpensive cost of food/gas, and the vintage shopping. It gets really hot/humid, though. I’ve heard good things about Portland, although I’ve never been. Wherever you end up, I wish you the best of luck! I can’t wait to hear about your travels.

  4. jessj Says:

    Wow its been a while what city did u decide on?

  5. RAKEL Says:

    I vote for Austin! Couldn’t be more different than the big city but still a lot of hip stuff and car friendly too. Also, can you imagine how chaep i’s gonna be compared to NYC! 😉

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