Bambola VS Bonanza by Steve Madden

January 20, 2009

picture-13I’ve been wanting some boots like these above – and I’m sure you’ve seen them all over – they are pretty popular nowadays. I saw these at Steve Madden (called Bonanza). When I went to check them out I wasn’t as thrilled as I though I’d be. Although a reasonable price (on sale for $80), they still looked pretty cheap and with NY winter weather, they would get wet and definitely fall apart.

I then saw these (Bambolo) boots. With a bit of a higher price tag – $189 – on sale from $270, the price tag was still a bit steep. What pretty much sold me was their sleek look, and definitely not so cheap looking, especially with their real leather, versus suede. They would be able to withstand harsh-er weather. I went home and searched for some coupon codes and ended up purchasing them for $150! (20% discount using coupon code CABIN20). I also got free shipping. I am so happy with my purchase, I can’t wait to get them in the mail! (ps. the brown look grayish in real life)



2 Responses to “Bambola VS Bonanza by Steve Madden”

  1. RAKEL Says:

    you’re right about the madden boots, I have ’em and with some suede protection spray they do okay in snow but I wouldn’t try and wear them in much rain. I’m hoping they will be a great spring and fall boot. I would like ’em with some of the super cute dresses from your other post. I can’t wait for dress season! 😉

  2. andry Says:

    L5LjcN comment1 ,

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