Jeans Jeans Jeans….Paige Jeans it is!

December 24, 2008

There are so many jeans out there that its so hard to choose from. And most of the time, you end up buying a pair and they stretch out or rip. This is what happened to a pair of $180 jeans I bought last year after 3 months of use!!! Anyway, a friend of mine recently introduced me to Paige Jeans. I’d never heard of Paige Jeans before, but I was amazed at the quality that I saw. Modeled after Paige Adams-Geller, they have a slim fit, but still have room for people with a little bit of curve. I would absolutely love to try a pair of these. Thankfully they just opened a shop in NYC!

After scouring their website, here are my top favorite jeans (Click on the pics for the links):

1. Women’s Blue Heights Skinny – ORBIT. I LOVE this color and the fit. Not quite a black yet not quite the regular bland light gray you always see!


2. Women’s Blue Height’s Skinny SOLSTICE: Another great design (skinny) and this is a classic color.


3. Women’s Melrose Straight Leg ROYAL SAPPHIRE: This fit is great because its classic and for petite people like myself, the wide bottoms don’t swallow up your legs. They are very tailored and like the pair above, they are a classic color.


Anyone tried Paige Jeans yet? I’d love to get a review. But judging from what I saw – their quality and fit and pretty reasonable price is a win-win situation!


3 Responses to “Jeans Jeans Jeans….Paige Jeans it is!”

  1. devishanty Says:

    hey lindsey, I accidentally stumbled to your blog from google =P but then I love it.. I may come here often if you don’t mind =)

  2. devishanty Says:

    I link you on my blog if that’s okay

  3. urbanupdater Says:

    yeah that’s totally fine! Thanks Devishanty

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