Is Yummie Tummie really yummy?

December 19, 2008


Meet Yummie Tummie. The tank tops, shirts and long sleeves come in a variety of different colors, but it’s really whats in the middle that will excite you. From the top and bottom they are made or normal tank top material, however the waist is made of a tight fabric that will slim your waist and flatter your curves. Kinda like spanx for your midsection.. and pretty much everyone could use a little help with that. I know I need this because when I wear tops and I see that it’s all lumpy in the waist, I change clothes. They are a bit pricey, but I think well worth the price tag. Anyone else have luck with these???


3 Responses to “Is Yummie Tummie really yummy?”

  1. RAKEL Says:

    These look great, I would want to see them up close to see if the middle fabric looks funny, but regardless they would be great for layering. I just wanna tell you how great your blog is! I’m a new transplant here to NYC from CA so it’s fun to read your blog. I already ordered the VS lounge pants you recommended, and I am also looking around for the perfect cardigan, it’s like you’re reading my mind. 🙂 Any hints for CHEAP places to shop in NYC that may have great dresses for New Years?

  2. Elin Says:

    I love the concept but I’m not a big fan of Yummie Tummie. I do love Slimpressions however. I found them at Intimacy in NY when I was there last. Great solution for the complete top half of my body – muffin top, back fat, and arm flab! I wear mine as a layering piece. (Long, and sits on the hips.) Unfortunately, I only bought two while I was there. Fortunately though has free shipping on them! Gotta love it.

  3. Poster Girl Says:

    I’ve heard of these, but haven’t tried them yet. If I keep eating holiday sweets, I might have to 🙂

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