Victoria Beckham’s gravity defying shoes

November 7, 2008


I’m not sure what to make of Victoria Beckham in these Antonio Berardi gravity defying boots that she showed off in Macy’s Herald Square. The practical part of me says they are totally unpractical and one one never really ever wear them, plus they must be a pain to take off.

The fashion side of me says, wow, interesting. I am speechless.

What do you think?


5 Responses to “Victoria Beckham’s gravity defying shoes”

  1. AusAnna Says:

    i love them, i love anything new and interesting, too many shoe trends are repeated. x

  2. La Couturier Says:

    well, props to her for trying something so different! 🙂

    La C

  3. Lissa Says:

    How the heck would you walk in those? what happened to walk heel to toe?

  4. Silvia Says:

    Seeing V.Beckham in those shoes i can’t stop thinking of how easily she whould fall if I pussed her!!!Sorry if I sound mean but I can’t help it!

  5. How to wear that gravity boots? What was in there, looking as if there’s a transparent heels. What can I say? It’s unique fashion statement.

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