My 5 Favorite Gloves

October 22, 2008

With the cold season starting to loom over us, I guess it’s that time to take out the winter clothes. I love accessorizing, especially with gloves. Here are my top five favorite winter gloves of all time:

1. These Merona Cable armwarmers from target are a whopping $10.99 which makes them a great bargain. The reason I enjoy these is because you can still do practical things without taking them off – play your iPod, type, paint your nails, hehe.

2. These Fairisle gloves are great because of the length. It bugs me when my wrists get freezing cold because my gloves aren’t long enough. These solve the problem and they come is 3 fun colors.

3. Since Banana Republic is my new favorite store, I had to add some stylish cable knit gloves from them. Warm and fuzzy, these are not just everyday gloves- oh and I love the belt on them.

4. If you liked the first pair of gloves, but still want separated fingers, these Fingerless Gloves are for you. And what a fabulous color! Gap always has the best plain clothing staples.

5. Last but certainly not least, I had to put in some fancy fancy Coach gloves…. driving gloves, perhaps. Chic, leather and super soft…..

So here is my question. Which kind of gloves do you like and why? What is your favorite? Leave me a comment let me know!


One Response to “My 5 Favorite Gloves”

  1. littledingman Says:

    Hey! I found your blog through some spamming website that was spamming me, and then found your blog, and liked it! I soooo hate spammers, but nice to find some good stuff on your site. 🙂

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