i got a record player!

September 2, 2008

This past weekend, my boyfriend Andrew and I set out to buy a record player. No, we’re not DJs, we just like music and it sounds a hell of a lot better on a record player. He works at Guitar Center so we checked out a bunch of turntables. Unfortunately buying a turntable brings on the issue of having to buy a mixer to control the volume, speakers, a needle and a bunch of cables to connect everything together.

We settled for this cheap, portable record player and it definitely gets the job done. It was only $50 bucks and it comes with speakers, a volume dial and a case. Although we had some Rockit speakers and they sounds even better. I absolutely love it. Then we headed down to St. Marks and picked up a bunch of used records for like $5 each! What a great deal!! (Except Herbie Hancock – that was only $3… !)


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