UNIV Jeans and Robust Flavor

June 18, 2008

About a week ago I received a shipment of UNIV black skinny jeans and a few t-shirts. I must say that these jeans are probably my FAVORITE jeans ever! They fit SO well and aren’t the flimsy usual jean material that rip after 2 months (COUGH::Citizens::COUGH). I wore them for the first time and they don’t stretch out by the end of the day. They also come in 2 colors. WELL worth the $$!!

By the way, HOW CUTE is the Marilyn shirt?? I just LOVE this stuff from Robust Flavor. Check out their site, they have a TON of cool stuff!


3 Responses to “UNIV Jeans and Robust Flavor”

  1. Code Says:

    I love Univ jeans too, I see they really compliment your shape.
    Thanks for the find,

  2. NY Fashion Connect Says:

    If you are interested in fashion check out http://www.nyfashionconnect.com
    It’s a website that promotes new designers and sells their items at wholesale prices!

  3. cassie Says:

    Some of that Robust Flavor stuff IS really cool. Thanks for telling us about it! The Maralyn top isn’t really my thing but I like the clouded leopard print dress and those strange Nook watches are coool.

    Cassie x


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