Emu Oil and your skin.

June 6, 2008

For all of you who live in very dry climates and sometimes feel that regular lotions and creams just aren’t cutting it for you (or if you have a dry skin condition like psoriasis, eczema or aging skin, muscle joints, etc), then here’s a tip! EMU OIL! Why emu oil? Its been used for thousands of years because of its anti-inflammatory properties and essential fatty acids.

I researched some products containing Emu Oil and here are my top finds:

Melie’s Salve: This product is really great. It’s 100% natural and preservative free and contains emu oil as its main ingredient. After using this product for a week, I’ve noticed that the red spots in my skin slowly faded and it left a smooth appearance. Also it’s fragrance free, which I love and it spreads easily and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy. This is a fantastic product and it’s a good price also! ($6.50 for a 2oz jar!)

Pampered Diva Gifts: I love this line because all the products are handmade and au natural. This is a major plus when I buy my products because if you ever read ingredients that contain alcohol, it usually drys out skin.

The emu lotion is great for people who want the added benefits of emu oil without the greasyness. I have the strawberry-kiwi flavor and it smells great and is very fragrant!

The Mango Papaya body butter is a bit more heavy and stays on longer but leave skin feeling silky and smooth. Not to mention it moisturizes way better than regular body butters. This is probably due to the fact that the ingredients are all natural and there are no added alcohols. The thing I love about this product is that you don’t need much to moisturize and it leaves skin feeling very elastic, even after washing hands.

If you’ve got a product (natural) that you think is great for eczema, send it my way and I’ll test it out! Email me!


8 Responses to “Emu Oil and your skin.”

  1. Lourea Smith Says:

    I am busy with a cream that contains ozone that works for eczema.

  2. Lourea Smith Says:

    I also think that emu oil is a wonderfull product. I want to add emu oil into my creams, but here in South Africa I can not find emu oil. I am looking for a place to buy emu oil. Thank you.

  3. Adele Says:

    You can contact RT Pharmaceuticals at 0833038657 or 021 5542370 or rtrhoda@mweb.co.za. They sell emu oil to the public.

  4. mac brushes Says:

    You are pointing to me dear. I am living in a hot country with a dry climate and it’s really ruining my skin. Been using Emu Oil for 5 years now and it really works, cause I’ve got a radiant and smooth skin.

  5. NewPort Says:

    Emu Oil – super

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Where in South Africa can I buy emo products for health.

  7. Rina de Jongh Says:

    I want to buy emu oil in gauteng south africa please give contact address and tel thanks Rina

  8. johan Says:

    i want to know where we can buy emo oil for a very very dry skin? we are at Three Rivers.
    thank you

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