What is the deal with BIG BOWS on dresses???

June 2, 2008

I went onto Nordstrom.com today because I wanted desperately to find the dress that I bought last year. It is the most adorable jumper dress thats so comfortable and versatile. I can literally wear it with leggings, with a tank, shirt or long sleeve underneath it, or by itself for a cute dress. I did not find it on the site, as it must be outdated, but I did find a pic of myself wearing it. (I’m in the middle)

Anyway, here’s my main reason for this post. Though I did not find MY dress, I found this interesting dress with this ENORMOUS bow! What is with these HUGE bows? It makes her look like a present, and in my opinion it’s pretty tacky.

Maybe it’s just me and this is the new fashion trend (even though I hate it.) Anyone else hate it? Or love it? Post in the comments!!!!


6 Responses to “What is the deal with BIG BOWS on dresses???”

  1. heather Says:

    it’s a little bridesmaid but then again it makes one look like a little gift to be unwrapped

  2. ambika Says:

    It strikes me as a little too cutesy–a continuation of the little girl trend that seems to be everywhere.

  3. Pamela Says:

    Awww, now wouldn’t that be adorable on my 12 year old?? LOL! I do think it’s cute, but like I said, on my 12 year old, and if she were going to be in a wedding. ~Pamela~

  4. taylor Says:

    i think the big bow is soooo cute which i LOVE bows lol and my brothers girlfriend wore it to homecoming and she look adorable

  5. Emily Says:

    I LOVE BOWS!!!! I think this dress is so cute and anyone could look extremely cute in it!!!~

    • Jenna Says:

      i like the youthfull affect of this dress. its really different. i bought it for a valentines dance because i didn’t want to have one of those classic sparkly dresses that everyone else has haha

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