My favorite PINK kitchen gadgets

May 23, 2008

I love cooking, probably more than the next person. I find it like an art and by adding different colors, you create a whole new dish. Now, I admit that I don’t own many gadgets right now because I’m squished in a tiny apartment in New York City with no counterspace. But, often, I do dream about the day where I’ll have a gadget for everything… and yes, it will be pink. Here are my top 10 picks:

1. Pink Blender: For drinks, sauces, soups, smoothies – you name it. You gotta have a blender!

2. Pink pot holders / dish towels: Apparantly John Deere likes pink too. And these are not really gadgets, more of a kitchen staple. Who cares? They still make my list!

3. Pink Strainers: Not only are they a great pink color, but they have very stylish designs on it!

4. Pink Knife Set: It’s not just one knife – it’s a whole freakin’ knife set. Who knew cutting could be so glamorous?

5. Pink Wine Opener: How do you open your pink wine? With a pink wine opener! Just kidding, I hope you don’t drink pink wine….

6. Pink Cooking Utensils: Yesss…. more pink!

7. Pink Stove: What to cook on? A vintage pink stove! I’m in love – where do I find one?

8. Pink George Foreman Grill – an essential in every household.

8. Pink Cupcake Liners: What a perfect accessory to your next baking party.

9. Pink Water Dispenser: Need Water? Why not make it a cuter dispenser than the generic ones?

10. Pink Mixing Bowls: So many bowls that you can use them for soup, salad, mixing – anything!


16 Responses to “My favorite PINK kitchen gadgets”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Pink stove and refrigerator @ Elmira Stoveworks

  2. Lucy Says:

    Please let me know where get pink george froeman grill in us. Pink is in my kitchen, pots, dishes, silverware, and lots more

  3. Lisa Says:

    Where do we find the pink george foreman

  4. sabrina Says:

    Where do get the pink knife set? Very cute.

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Here’s where you can get the pink knife set! Totally worth it!

  6. kavithaa Says:

    I love pink…….

  7. Daddy52 Says:

    The sacred bond with the effort and reward must never ever be broken. ,

  8. mineralize Says:

    I’m imagining my house full of pink appliances and accessories, isn’t it very cool? Maybe it will look like a dollhouse. A pink cookware will complete it all.

  9. urbanupdater Says:

    Yes, I agree, Mineralize! You should see MY kitchen! 🙂

  10. Erin Says:

    Where can i find that pink wine opener??? i love it!!

  11. renata Says:

    I have a pink stove almost like the one you have in the picture. It’s in great working condition. Can anyone tell me what its worth? Its made by Brown in the 50’s…I also have a pink vintage fridge from GE.

  12. kris r. Says:

    Nice kitchen gadgets. I love pink! having a pink collection of gadgets like that, I think your house will look like a doll house.. 😀

  13. I’m a big fan of any stuff with color pink, I really love these kitchen gadgets.

    Thanks for posting it. I think I have to collect some pink kitchen gadgets too. This site gives me inspiration and idea to do it so.

    Pink is a girl thing, right? 😀

  14. Marie Says:

    oooh…pink kitchen stuff. Pink is my favourite colour. Those things are awesome. I collect pink things and my boyfriend collects John Deere so those John Deere things would be great. Love the stove and would love a pink george forman too. Great list

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