Tanning Salons.. why so expensive?

May 21, 2008

I’m just going to rant about how expensive it is to get a good tan. I hate this weather in New York. It’s May (almost June) and it’s freakin’ cold and rainy outside. WHAT THE HELL? I went to my local tanning salon on my way home, but first – I checked online to see if they were offering first time user deals. NOPE. I know – tanning isn’t good for you at all, but for me I can justify it because I only got about 5 times per year. And I rarely ever tan outside. This specific tanning salon had an unlimited monthly special for $34 bucks but they lock you in to have to sign a year contract. THIS ISN’T A GYM! They are locking you in to get skin cancer! HOLY $%#&!!!

I eventually signed up for a 5x use for $50. Still a rip off, but I figured since it was a one time use, it would be OK. When I used to live in LA, tanning was like $3 a tan! When did being so tan become so expensive?


One Response to “Tanning Salons.. why so expensive?”

  1. Kira Says:

    that´s a good question…i live in brazil, only two blocks of the beach and believe me, i hardly ever go there fo a tan! i am the white person i know…hehehe

    so amazing blog,
    let´s exchange links?
    i hope so,
    a kiss,
    see you soon,

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