Gucci Duffle Bag

May 21, 2008

This Friday I am leaving to go to Houston for my cousin’s graduation. I needed a small duffle that I could take on the plane and could hold enough stuff for 4 days (I’m a very light packer). I found this Gucci duffle in Chinatown this weekend and bargained them down to $30 bucks. I am soooo excited because I love the Gucci print and this bag is just adorable! I can’t wait to travel many places with my bag – and hey, it looks totally real in real life. Can you tell the difference?


4 Responses to “Gucci Duffle Bag”

  1. BG Says:

    Yes, many people can tell the difference.
    When you try to show the world you spent $2000+ on a bag, bu only spending $30, people take personal offense to it.
    Why not spend that $30 on a duffel bag that is authentic. Wal-mart has a great selection.
    If you feel that all the bags at walmart at really ugly, it;s because they arr $30. Dig deeper in your pockets instead of trying to pretend, because you are making a fool of yourself.


    • Nick kutzko Says:

      Wow are you a fucking retard. who would take personal offence to someone having a fake gucci bag. 2000 dollars for a bag is ridiculous, and why not get a fake one that looks real. No one is trying to pretend, the only fool is your bitch ass cheap no style faggot ass that shops at wal mart. who the fuck gives a shit u fagg

  2. ultramag Says:

    It’s still a REAL duffel bag….it holds stuff. It’s just not REAL Gucci. Really who would care?

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