Rainy day umbrellas!

May 16, 2008

All hail to the rainy day! There’s not an accessory that is more needed than an umbrella on rainy days like these. (Well maybe rain boots, but it’s not raining THAT hard). That is why I begin my quest for cute umbrellas. Sure, you can buy a $5 umbrella from the guy sitting outside the subway, but those are boring and cheap. So why not plan ahead and get a great looking umbrella that will make you stand out from the crowd?

This one is from Jcrew. Very cute and unique. Plus I like the way the blue and green complement each other.

Then you have the Pagoda Umbrella from Signature Bella. A bit different and SO pink! I love it!

The signature Juicy Couture rhinestone umbrella. Perfect for the superstar in your life. I LOVE THIS TOO!

The practicle umbrella. It’s so compact that you can carry it anywhere and always have it on hand when the rains start to pour. Not to mention it comes with a handy flashlight!

The see-through huge obnoxious, yet cute umbrella from Target. Yeah we know its a bit annoying to stand next to someone with one of these, but if YOU’RE the person with this umbrella, there is NO CHANCE that you’ll be getting wet.

The Vintage Parasol Umbrella. Need I say more?


2 Responses to “Rainy day umbrellas!”

  1. Poster Girl Says:

    I love the parasol because of its print. Nice picks! I’m almost wishing it would rain so I could use a cute umbrella!

  2. theresa cerullo Says:

    i am really interested in the juciy coutour umbrella will you be getting anymore thank theresa cerullo

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