I’m all about the perfect mug.

April 23, 2008

I love mugs. Bug mugs, small mugs, mugs with bug handles, cool designs, you name it. I found these great mugs online

I found these 2 mugs on Poppytalk, which are reminiscent of high-school and I just love them. I bet you could even get a dry-erase marker and write notes on the lines!

I found this mug on becauseimaddicted.com and it’s great. Part of the reason why I buy cups of coffee is because I love their nifty mugs. This one is not only reusable, but its so pretty and porcelain. It comes with a silicone lid – how fun!

These mugs are from Tiki Talk and they’re fantastic! Check out the skull mug… creepy, huh?

Pink… ah Pink mugs! What could be better. Look at all the wonderful designs. Found these Limited Editioin Art Deco Mugs at Color Bakery.

Then, we can’t forget those classic oversized mugs from Urban Outfitters. For soup or coffee/tea, these make great mugs!

Do you have any cool mugs that I need to see? Post them here!!!


One Response to “I’m all about the perfect mug.”

  1. geri Says:

    thank you for the shot out!!

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