skinny jeans gets second round of admirers

March 31, 2008

Skinny jeans have been a pretty big craze for the past… eh, i’d say 2 years. I got into them last year and I love my only (dark gray/black) pair of skinnies. I got a huge hole in the crotch (no idea how) and I was devastated, but with a little thread and the pinch and pin method I was able to somewhat fix it so no one would notice. But enough about me. For all of you who have been asking for SKINNY JEANS. 2 words: Urban Outfitters. Click here for a wide selection of affordable skinnies for all tastes. And if you want a bright bold color that they don’t have…. just buy a pair of white ones and dye them. It’s super easy and a great way to get a unique pair of jeans.



2 Responses to “skinny jeans gets second round of admirers”

  1. kpriss Says:

    I did just the same thing as you! Even if they have been in fashion for some time, I couldn’t buy them but last summer because I’ve just regained shape after a pregnancy. Had about 4 pairs. I gave up on one and have a brown high waisted one, red one, classic denim and grey. I don’t have any idea if I’ll wear any again (except the red, maybe) because I kinda had enough. Had my eyes on some large denim over at gap 😉

  2. Morgan Says:

    I love skinny jeans and your right there really had to find in colors, but I found a few made by Flying Monkey on this site here is the like to one pair (Bright Blue) but they had more in different colors like Pink… Good Price too….got to love it.,2072&pid=6766

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