Vacation, here I come!

March 6, 2008

Ok- well not so much of a vacation, but a trip to LA. Yup I get to travel across the country again. And I need a new bag since I’ve been traveling with a HUGE backpacking – type luggage, which doesn’t make consolidating my things very easy. Anyway, here are 2 bags that I really like. Any ideas on which one I should get?

This one is  by Vera Bradly.


This one is by Jansport.


Both are cute and about the same price.. and wow..  I just noticed that both of them are blue and brown. I must be on a blue / brown color kick lately!


2 Responses to “Vacation, here I come!”

  1. Sofi Says:

    Mmm.. i like more the one whit dots, i think its more cute ^^

  2. Poster Girl Says:

    i like the Jansport one, they make cute printed luggage and backpacks which will help you stand out from the crowds.

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