Sustainable Bamboo Tote-Bags

February 12, 2008

So we all know that over 1 million plastic bags are consumed (not eaten, used.) per minute in the world. Well, maybe you didn’t but now you do. So why not invest in a sustainable tote bag from Envirosax – you can save the plastic bags and be stylish when shopping. I really like these neutral colored bamboo bags. They are so cute yet not too bold. I want one! Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials because it grows SUPER fast. Like a few feet a day. Wow. Not to mention its really soft and cozy and you’ll be helping the environment at the same time. And who doesn’t want to do that?


2 Responses to “Sustainable Bamboo Tote-Bags”

  1. Thank’s for sharing! I love these shopping bags!

  2. Marisa Hirsch Says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Hello, My name is Marisa and I am a private product developer. I am looking to produce a recyclable grocery shopping bag that is aesthetically beautiful and very practical. I have a rough spec sheet that I can attach for the general idea, but it is not finalized yet. The bottom is flat and has balanced, heavier surface that is convenient for placing groceries inside. The sides will have one pocket as well as pockets placed in the inside. The company’s logo are three little metal leaves that we would like to place on the outside of the bag. The bag is produced from a startup company named “Consciously Chic.” Please send me as much information as you can and pictures for I am looking to produce this immediately.
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Best Regards,

    Marisa Hirsch

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