Valentines Day, Soy Candles

February 5, 2008

Maybe you remembered my previous post about Way Out Wax and how they are making environmentally friendly candles that are not only biodegradable, but made completely of soy wax, which makes for a cleaner and healthier environment at the same time. I’m a big fan of all things soy, especially wax. When I burn candles (and I burn them frequently, I love the fact that they don’t leave a black residue on the glass or a black smoke looming in your room once you’ve blown them out.

They’ve specially created a Valentines day soy candle for all you people who just can’t get enough of Valentine’s Day. As for me, I love pink and this would for sure match with my pink rug and bedspread, so I’d use it year round.

And still…. until the end of March, they’ve offered you guys a 15% discount if you use the coupon code, URBAN. Happy shopping!



3 Responses to “Valentines Day, Soy Candles”

  1. laura Says:

    Here you have also a great valentines day gift ideas, the sylk co are all natural soy wax, no artificial color dyes, 100% cotton wicks and at a great price.
    Help the planet by buying richly scented candles.

  2. The perfect alternative to paraffin candles, a petroleum based product, are scented natural soy wax candles. They are healthier and do not irritate allergies like paraffin wax candles. The available fragrances are just awesome. Look to for their special and exclusive Mother’s Day Soy candles with a rose eteched glass container. They also have noelty candles of coffee fragrances in heavy duty Irish Mugs for the coffee lovers.

  3. marla Says:

    fantastic idea and very prettily dispalyed, will look perfect in my bedroom too where quite often the after smell from burning a candle..which i am always not too pleasant!

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