Create Your Own Outfit with Polyvore!

February 1, 2008

Hey Everyone! Do you love looking in magazines or online and creating your own outfit? Or maybe you love a ton of different styles from different sites but want to know what they will look like together. I just found out about this great site called Polyvore. It’s awesome! It’s basically like creating a scrapbook or collage of you’re favorite stuff. You can pick and grab clothing, accessories, perfume, makeup, jewelry… ANYTHING from other sites, add them to your account and put together an outfit. It’s great to see what stuff will look like before you even purchase them. Plus, the site lets you add backgrounds, interact with other people and use clothing and pieces that other people have already imported. Check it out, you’ll love it!

I’m a HUGE gold fan, so I absolutely adore this outfit! Oh, and make that a skim latte, please!


By the way, whoever created this outfit, you rock!


18 Responses to “Create Your Own Outfit with Polyvore!”

  1. Thanks so much for using Polyvore, we’re glad you like it!

  2. hell, Says:

    rtythddddddd what the !@#$%

  3. hey im george sampsons sista mess wiv him ill kill ya n who wants his msn

  4. $up3r G!r| Says:


  5. $up3r G!r| Says:

    okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk website

  6. kayla;; Says:

    wtf ?! i have his msn wat u gunna do about it then nuffin so end of

  7. mineralize Says:

    I just love the boots. You can pair it with any outfit, dress, shorts, pants, skirt. It will look perfect and hot.

  8. urbanupdater Says:

    Me too! I just love boots in general!

  9. You wouldn’t believe it but I have spent all day looking for some info about this. I wish I knew of this site earlier, it was a essential read and really helped me out. Have a good one . – The <a href="

  10. erica Says:

    hi iam lookin for some one to make me a courset must be green white and orange want it for paddys day

  11. lol Says:

    lol hi pretty

  12. Caity Says:

    This sounds cool

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