mr sticky. the end to all lint rollers!

January 2, 2008

I was at Sears the other day and just as I was about to leave, I heard an announcement that they wanted to give all customers a present for the holidays… all we had to do was go to the third floor by electronics and look for the flashing orange light. Well, I was already there, so I waited for the rep to give us our present… and of course it was this stupid eyeglass cleaner. BUT THEN, they demonstrated Mr. Sticky…. and my mom bought one.. a few actually. It’s the BEST lint roller ever. It’s super sticky and picks up anything but it doesn’t have glue so it won’t ruin clothes. You can reuse it over and over by just running it under warm water to clean it. So far, I’ve used it on anything from my couch to sweater to rug and floor. It’s great… works better than a mop and its WAY more convenient. Ok enough from me… see for yourself!



23 Responses to “mr sticky. the end to all lint rollers!”

  1. Patricia Ford Says:

    I bought mr sticky and have been using it for a few weeks but I find it’s losing it’s stickiness, What do you suggest?

    • Jasmine Says:

      You need to wash it WITH SOAP. That’s important. If you use it like 3 times it will work when you just rinse it. But when it starts to lose its sticky even after you rinse it in water, use a light detergent and it works as well as it did when you bought it 🙂

  2. urbanupdater Says:

    Make sure you are washing it in warm water thoroughly and when you dry it, use a shammy type cloth that won’t leave residue and make it less sticky. I’ve had mine for over a year and its still great!

  3. Dawn Says:

    Im glad someone had good experience with this! Its inconveinent to have to wash it so much and its not as sticky after these frequent washings

    • Holly Says:

      agreed. I have to wash it about 3 or 4 times everytime I use it and it’s not as sticky after so many cleans. I don’t see how it could last a lifetime. Just another tv offer scam.

  4. Patricia Ford Says:

    my mr sticky is losing it’s stickiness, i have only been using it for a short time and it doesn’t pick up anymore. any suggestions?

  5. urbanupdater Says:

    Patricia, how long have you had it? There is a 2 year warranty, so if its less, you should definitely send it back and get a replacement.

  6. paola Says:

    Use some soap and rinse it with hot water

  7. Nicholas Says:

    I actualy am a Mr Sticky Rep. The first thing you need to do if it’s losing it’s sticky is to use a degreaser dish soap on it in order to remove oils that have been picked up from food or hair! If that doesn’t work just call the 800 number on the box and you will be impressed at how helpful and quicklt the customer service team will respond and resolve your problem!
    Enjoy your Mr. Sticky

  8. Holly Says:

    I bought a mr. sticky last christmas and at first was pleased with it, but after having such a hard time getting it clean and dry, I stopped bothering with it. I would dip it in the warm soapy water, but the stuff didn’t come off, so I had to rub my hand all over the gross stuff to get it off the mr. sticky and then I had a hard time getting it to dry. I purchased a lint free cloth, but the mr sticky stuck to the towel, so by the time i ripped the towel off of it, my mr sticky lost some of its stickiness and the towel is falling apart. Not a very good value since I’m back to using the regular paper lint rollers.

  9. Allison Says:

    This doesn’t work well at all, it has the same material the toys that stick to the wall from the 50 cent machines have. I feel this is inconvienent to use and time consuming to actually clean properly. The results leave it less sticky each clean. A lint remover is supposed to be quick and efficent, both qualities that this is not. Save the twenty dollars. Totally not worth the money!

  10. Donna Says:

    I just bought this at the State Fair and did all my carpets, no problem. I used a large bucket just like the guy at the fair and put a dab of dawn dishwashing detergent in the bucket. I have a cat and dog with a ton of hair. All I need to do to rid the sticky mop of the hair was run it up the inside of the bucket and the hair fell right off. You need to use a cotton tea towel that is lint free (duh), otherwise the sticky wants to clean it. Use your brains and get a lint free cloth. I am gonna get some more for friends.

  11. Mad Canadian Says:

    This is a total scam. This product fails to deliver results after minimal use.

  12. Melody Says:

    I am very dissatisfied and wanted to return it. I was reading the previous comments. The rep. from the company said just call customer service and they will be quick to help you. Well I had placed at least one call on the voice mail on 2/20/09 and never received a response. I will have to find the other box to find the rest of my notes. When I bought mine, no one said that I only had 30 days for a full refund. I went back to our Mervyns and “she” was long gone. Then the store closed. Now I finally reached a person who said send in the receipt. Well I’m gonna try to find it, but I bet I can find my check, she said that would not due, I said well it will have a purchase date. “ok”. So finally after almost a year I have a name and an address to send my Mr. Sticky collection back. I sure hope I get some money back. Wish me luck, please, and if you pray, we need all the prayer we can get. My husband is mr. goodwrench and it has been really hard since late last year.
    Well here I go. Oh ya, I just spoke with a lady at customer service not 10 minutes ago. Tried calling right back and now get the machine. Really frustrating.

  13. SANTIAGO Says:

    My Mr. sticky does not worked after the first hot water wash. I am not happy with this product and I will tell everyone I know not to buy it!

  14. Gigi P1 Says:

    This will be significant!|I try to depict the same soulful information

  15. I hate lint Says:

    So my wife and I got one and we found it does need to be wasted after every use.

    I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars because it does save you money in the long run and that is the reason I bought it plus it does work pretty good.

    People who buy lint rollers are already lazy of course I can admit I am. I think about it why else would you would use a lint roller your too lazy to pick the lint off your self.

    So of course your too lazy to wash a Mr. Sticky every time or a few times for a big job.

    Mr. Sticky is the middle ground and saves $$$. If you find yourself using a lint roller every week I would get Mr. Sticky its really worth it.

    If you only use a lint roller one or two times a month no need to buy one.

    If your too lazy to spend 20 seconds washing it when need to STOP being so lazy… Just kidding… Just hire a maid.

  16. jay Says:

    Mr. Sticky has a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty that it will always be sticky or get a new one free.. we have sold this product since 1993 in different capacities. If left in a window or melts some how it can get ruined. Otherwise I have always gotten it back to original stickiness. Use Dish soap.. it is the grease / oil from pets or hair that need to be washed off with the soap. usually the pressure from the tap does the trick with a drop of soap every 3rd time. We have even had reports the FBI uses it at crime scenes. You do not need the packaging or receipt to get a replacement if you send it in. US MR. Sticky.

  17. I bought Mr.Sticky last year and it has stopped working. I washed it and it barely sticks anymore. After a few washing, it doesn’t stick anymore. I called the company over 10 times and left a message to get a new one as they claimed they do. Nobody called back. When I finally got through, the person wanted to sell me a new one! When I did not, she gave me the runaround saying someone would contact me very soon : that was 4 months ago!
    Mr.Sticky does not put their money where their mouth is. Their warranty is a dud!

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