Celebrity Rant. Gimme More.

September 12, 2007


We all know that Britney’s performance this past Sunday was way below par. I love Britney Spears – it’s just that she sucked at this year’s VMAs. And before I completely get into Britney’s comeback, I’d just like to say, WHY do we care so much about celebrities?! Who gives a $#*% if they do good or bad, and why do we care if they drink Starbucks or crash their car. Millions of people do way cooler things everyday and don’t even get noticed. Hell, Nicole Richie got more publicity for her pregnancy with that Good Charlotte dude than that woman who had sextuplets… or whatever you call it. Celebrities are just overpaid normal people. I’m sick of having them be treated way better than the average Joe….. With that said, I still like Britney Spears.

P.S. wtf was she wearing at the VMAs????


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