Nicole Richie is FAT!

August 13, 2007


Ok ok.. maybe not fat but VERY pregnant. Why is it that when celebrities get pregnant, its not just a normal pregnancy – their bump is 20 times the size of a regular person. Who are you kidding here?!??! I just don’t get it….


7 Responses to “Nicole Richie is FAT!”

  1. val Says:

    that pic is from the episode of the simple life where it was a *pretend pregnancy*

  2. ali Says:

    oh please get a life the girl is preagnant!!!!!!!

  3. You Suck Says:

    She’s not FAT!! For the love of God, will u get a grip?? she’s pregnant!! now go get a life!!

  4. lover123 Says:

    no she isn’t pregnant it’s u can tell that coz u can see the marks from the ‘fake pregnancy’

  5. alyson Says:

    she isnt pregnant (in this pic atleast) and she isnt fat,, this is from the simple life and nicole and paris had to wear a pregnancy suit for a day !! do research before you post !

  6. Lauren Says:

    whoever wrote this is a horse’s ASS

  7. Line Says:

    Its not real! at least not this pic! You can totally see that she stuffed something under her shirt! You can totally tell

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