August 13, 2007

Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice loves her big glasses…. but does she know that this is putting her at risk for getting in a car crash?


Yes, its true, people. Check the full article here. At last…. one more step to eliminating ridiculous looking HUGE BUG EYED GLASSES!


3 Responses to “BIG SUNGLASSES = Bad Driver.”

  1. rite well i lieek big sunglasses i donnahh whiiee but they make mee feel & lurk gurd this is ofcourse miiee opinion && youuh mite have a diffy wun but thats all iim saying…tuuh mee big sunglasses arr peng— (L) (Y) ‘xo ppl

  2. Rycon Says:

    I have wrote a post related to this subject, and used the same picture. Thought you might be interested.

  3. OG Says:

    that is sooo not true!!! while im driving “without” my bid sunglasses I feel like im being blinded by the sun and the last thing i can do is drive…who ever wrote this article doesn’t know what their talking about.

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