Make your own swimsuit!

June 26, 2007

Are you tired of spending tons of money on a swimsuit that you don’t even like? Well now you can customize your own swimsuit, courtesy of Threadbanger. Here’s how!


5 Responses to “Make your own swimsuit!”

  1. Nora Rice Says:

    I would like to design my own swim suit.

    how can you help?


  2. Sarina Proctor Says:

    Hello I have been looking for a bikini for women that has superman on it. I don’t want one with just the superman emblem on the back I want one cool. Kind of newspaper looking with superman on it. On the top and bottom. Can u help me?

  3. Mariah Says:

    i want to make a peace sign tankini how can i do that?

  4. Deanna Says:

    I want a lime green swimsuit with the words Smallville on the back of it. Can you help?

  5. Bre Says:

    I want Like a juicy type with bre across the butt. Hot pink and neon orange color of bathing suit

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