Stilettos and the city?

June 18, 2007

This weekend I couldn’t help but notice the increasing trend of stiletto heels on the New York streets. I know that they look cool and all — but with 100 degree weather in the dirty streets, are heels really a necessity? I guarantee, even if you asked Carrie Bradshaw, she’d say nix the stilettos and bring on the flip flops. Ok, maybe not, but many of us New Yorkers would.


I took a quick poll down in SoHo to find out how many city blocks you’d actually be OK with walking in your stilettos.

35 blocks: 7%

20 blocks: 20%

8 blocks: 44%

Are you crazy? I’d take a cab!: 29%

And there you have it, save the stilettos – grab a cab!


5 Responses to “Stilettos and the city?”

  1. fucker Says:

    these stilletos are hott

  2. Autumn Says:

    those are hot!!!

  3. bo Says:

    I want a pair like this

  4. Sway Says:

    Id be over 2m tall with those shoes xD but they’re still hot

  5. ale Says:

    cuanto por ahi sale uno de estos zapatos

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