Top 5 Best and Worst Threadless Tees.

June 15, 2007

There’s always something new to buy on And recently, well 3 days ago to be exact, they just released some new designs. My favorite part about this website is that ANYONE can literally submit their ideas and win up to $2000 big bucks. On that note, not all Threadless shirts are cool. Some suck… really bad. I’ve looked through their current collection and decided to weed out the best from the worst.

5 Best Threadless Tees


1. It’s called Stick Figures in Peril and it rules. If you look closely, it’s actually stick figures and other random icons that make up this fantastic shirt. Anyway, I love a good skull and crossbones tee.


2. One Of These Days, We’ll Fly Away. I hope to fly away one day. I wish I could fly. This shirt reminds me of childhood when I wished I could fly away in a rocket. No, I take that back – I still wish I could fly away in a rocket.


3. Inside You. Read the shirt. Enough said.


4. I’m Sure I Used To Fit is the name of this clever tee. If you were born in the 80’s you’d know that every kid on the block had one of these! If I still had one, I’m sure I’d still try to fit in it…..


5. Love this shirt. The name is appropriate — In Case Of Fire. Hilarious.

5 Worst Threadless Tees


1. I’m a noun. Yes we know you’re a noun. You’re also a d-bag. Nice lame shirt!


2. This one is called Lions Are Smarter Than I Am. Rule # 74, never admit that an animal is smarter than you. It only makes you look even more dumb.


3. More More More! Did anyone else notice that this shirt was a total ripoff? If you read the tabloids at all, or exist somewhere on this planet, you’d know that Jessica Simpson wore a shirt with this saying just about everyday last year. It may be may have been a good shirt, but just because it’s ripped off someone else, I had to add it to the WORST SHIRTS category. Congratulations.


4. I agree, Sex Sells. But in this picture, sex does NOT sell. And if I saw someone wearing that shirt, my first though would be … wow, what a freak.


5. Mummy Cool… I just want to make clear that this shirt is not cool. Who would wear this? Maybe someone whose really lazy on Halloween…


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